International Household Name of BRAND’S®

BRAND’S® Health Museum in Taiwan
BRAND’S® Health Museum in Taiwan

Located on the reclaimed land of Lukang on the west coast of the island of Taiwan, is BRAND’S® Health Museum. BRAND’S® is an international household name in concoctions for general wellness, and it is only one of the many factories and galleries open to visitors and group tours at this Lukang industrial area, named Changhua Coastal Industrial Park.

Henderson William Brand's commercial vehicle
Henderson William Brand’s commercial vehicle

If you are not aware, BRAND’S® Essence originated from the early 19th century, a chicken soup prepared by Mr. Henderson William Brand, the royal chef for His Majesty King George IV at Buckingham Palace, England.

The Monarch was in poor health at the time and Brand boiled chicken soup to serve. In 1835, upon Brand’s retirement from the royal household, he further experimented on his chicken soup recipe and began to create his own chicken soup label for commercial sale, known today as BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken.

a tour conducted by museum manager, Ruby Wu
a tour conducted by museum manager, Ruby Wu

Over the years, this beverage for convalescence made its way from England to the Far East, where the Chinese community in Malaya quickly embraced the health tonic with open arms.

Today, with 180 years of history, BRAND’S® products are available for sale in over 19 countries, with 150 million bottles already sold worldwide. BRAND’S® is owned by Japanese company Cerebos Pacific Limited, headquartered in Singapore.

first commercially-packed Brand's essence of chicken
first commercially-packed Brand’s essence of chicken

BRAND’S® Health Museum in Lukang, Taiwan is the very first BRAND’S® museum. It opened its doors in 1999 but was rebuilt in 2008, after spending some NT$20 million. It is now the largest BRAND’S® Health Museum in Asia.

I like visiting factories because I have a curious mind to learn how a product is made. Therefore, at BRAND’S® Health Museum, I was really in my element, together with my friends were taken on a tour of the production section, called the Aerial Corridor, to have a look at the actual manufacturing process of BRAND’S® essence.

 in the Film Briefing Room
in the Film Briefing Room

Are you interested to know how BRAND’S® essence of chicken, the company’s bestseller, is concocted? Here are the 11 extensive steps taken to produce the essence from fowl to bottle.

Step 1: Prepare the chicken
Kill or slaughter, whatever you call it, no explanation is required. The meat is minced to allow extraction of essence.

Step 2: Extraction
Through double boiling at high temperature (above 110°C) and high pressure for ten hours, the chicken meat protein (big molecules) are broken down into peptides and amino acids (small molecules) which facilitate body absorption.

Step 3: Fat separation
Essence of chicken undergoes high speed centrifugal fat separation to remove fats and cholesterol completely.

Step 4: Concentration
The essence of chicken is concentrated to the desired concentration level by vacuum evaporation. The nutrition from concentrated essence of chicken can be absorbed by the body more easily.

Step 5: Filtration
Filtration procedure efficiently removes the chicken residue and sediment while preserving the nutrition value of the essence of chicken.

Step 6: Standardisation
Adjust the concentration of the essence of chicken to ensure the consistency in nutrition in every bottle of the chicken essence.

Step 7: Filling and canning
The essence of chicken is bottled with a filtering and vacuum sealing process in a safe and hygienic facility. All essence of chicken undergo uniform bottling and vacuum-sealing procedures.

Step 8: Foreign matter inspection
Application of far infrared detection method to ensure each bottle of product does not contain foreign matter.

Step 9: Sterilisation
Vacuum sealed essence of chicken will be sent to the retort chamber and sterilised under high temperature (>100°C). This is the reason BRAND’S® essence of chicken can be preserved for two to three years without the addition of preservative.

Step 10: Light inspection
Prior to packing, every bottle of the product will be passed through light source for inspection of appearance and foreign matter.

Step 11: Vacuum inspection
Advanced vacuum inspection technology to ensure every bottle of essence of chicken is completely sealed so that the product safety and high quality are guaranteed.

gift store
gift store

A visit to BRAND’S® Health Museum is highly educational and I would recommend a tour here to anyone visiting Changhua Coastal Industrial Park in Lukang.

the many BRAND’S® products
the many BRAND’S® products

It was a splendid experience at BRAND’S® Health Museum. Whether one consumes BRAND’S® products or not, a visit to this museum is an eye-opening tour as it gives a lowdown on how its signature product, the BRAND’S® essence of chicken is prepared from scratch. It certainly gives visitors a new appreciation for BRAND’S® products on the shelf.

on-the-spot nourishment
on-the-spot nourishment

As a BRAND’S® consumer myself, the visit gave me an opportunity to try out all BRAND’S® products, and purchase them, especially those that are unavailable in our own local market.

BRAND’S® Health Museum
Add: No. 18, Lugong Road, Lukang Township, Changhua County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: +886 4 781 0077
Facebook: 白蘭氏健康博物館
Website: BRAND’S® Health Museum

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