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ILTI Graduation 2021 Screengrab

ILTI Students Prove Resilient in the Face of Uncertainty

Students of Ipoh Learning & Training Institute (ILTI) have proven that it is possible to learn and master English, pandemic or not.

Not only have they exhibited their resilience by being able to switch from physical classes to online learning effortlessly but also a total of 66 of them have gone on to ace the Cambridge English Assessment Examinations.

Top scorer Tang Ming Qian described his learning experience at ILTI as nothing short of amazing, saying that it was a truly exhilarating journey to learn English under the capable hands of its teachers.

ILTI Graduation 2021 Screengrab
ILTI Graduation 2021 Screengrab

“I started learning English after realising its importance especially in IT – the dominant medium of communication of the internet,” said Ming Qian, who received his C2 Proficiency Certificate.

“Learning English has allowed me to use the internet with little to no challenge. It has also allowed me to converse with people confidently, regardless of their country of origin,” he added.

Fellow high achiever Daniel Fadzlan bin Abdullah, who received his C1 Advanced Certificate, said:

“Ten years ago, I started my journey in English at ILTI and I can definitely say I was not let down.

“The teachers inspired and challenged me throughout my quest to achieve English proficiency and I worked hard to achieve the level of English that I have achieved today.”

Also obtaining stellar results in the C2 Proficiency Certificate was Rannjani Segaran.

ILTI Graduation 2021 Screengrab

In her speech, guest-of-honour Mdm Lee Yam Sei, former director of Tenby Schools Ipoh, said with wisdom, diligence and commitment in wanting to learn the English language, one would be able to master the most commonly spoken language in the world.

“Practice makes perfect. Language learning is a lifelong process and language is a living thing, which constantly changes and evolves.

“You have made the right start by enrolling in English courses at ILTI, which takes you from basics to advanced levels in English, and with constant practice in all these skills you have learned at ILTI, very soon you will find yourself improving in the language,” she emphasised.

“If you have the proficiency in the English language, you will have the confidence and competence to travel, to study and to communicate with all kinds of people,” Mdm Lee Yam Sei added.

Students obtaining their certificates were Kezhiilesh Rao, Kozo Yamamoto, Leong Yi Hoong and Siti Sarah Nur-Ain binti Mazlan in Pre A1 Starters; and Catherine Chew Zhe Yan, Lee Jun Xi, Samia Qureshi binti Farooq Ahmad, alongside Shuzo Yamamoto in A1 Movers.

A2 Flyers certificate recipients were Adam Voon Yun Hao, Cempaka Dania Binti Mohd Riduan, Kamilia Sorfina Binti Hazimy Shahril, Lee Tze Yik, Leong Jing Cheong, Mikail Rafiqi Bin Hazimy Shahril, Muhamad Aqil Zaquan Bin Syith, Phon Yew Yip, Shezhiya A/L Letchumanan, Soh Eden, Sri Raam Sridhar, Stephanie Hew Zhi En, and Syakir Rusyaidi Bin Hazimy Shahril.

Certificates were also presented to Cheang Jia Yan, Ding Kye Vin, Hwang Yik Zac, Janell Low Shin You, Jaynus Low, Mathangi Pillai, Taizo Yamamoto, Tan Weng Hong, and Tiffany Hew Zhi Ying of A2 KEY; together with Cheang Chi Han, Danesh S/O Thanasegar, Kong Kai Yi, Mok Xiang Yi, Muhammad Adam Danish Bin Kamarulnizam, Teo En Howe of B1 Preliminary.

Those in the B2 First class were Ho Zhuo Feng, Jaedon Yip Mun Jun, Kok Li Tong, Muhammad Muhriz Bin Marzaidi, Oee Eugene, Sean Yoong Lok Mun, Srisha Sridhar, Tan Xiao Yang and Tang Ming Yi.

Recipients of the C1 Advanced certificate were Daniel Fadzlan bin Abdullah, Ho Sheng Kai, Kong Kai Yuan, Lean Shao Heng, Lee Wei Yin, Liew Wei Sheng, Thum Weng Yip, Ting Cheng Yi and Yeong Poh Yee. Meanwhile, those receiving the C2 Proficiency certificate were Alex Chen Chiau Lik, Ng Ho Lam, Ng Wei Neng, Rannjani Segaran, Ronald Pang Vee Jen, Santihiyaasri A/P Murale, Tang Ming Qian and Tiffany Tai Xuan En.

To mark their outstanding performance, the ILTI Ipoh Cambridge English Assessment Graduation Ceremony was held, albeit virtually on 5th June, 2021.

Bonanza Educare Director of Education Evelyn Chen said while there was no escaping the realities of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the group of hardworking students had risen and adapted well in the face of uncertainty.

“To date, nearly 40,000 students have received their Cambridge English Assessment Examination certificates over the course of 20 years at ILTI,” she added.

To view the ILTI Ipoh Cambridge English Assessment Graduation Ceremony 2021, click HERE.
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