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How to Avoid COVID-19? Boost Immune System!

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) ravages the world in an unprecedented pandemic never seen before in the last century, many of us have been asking the $64 million question, “How to avoid COVID-19?”

As long as a vaccine is not found and tested yet, nobody is safe from the virus. This could take at least a year or two, in my humble opinion.

avoid COVID-19 by eating right

At this time, we need to take care of ourselves; being the first line of defence. We can’t solely depend on medicine, our healthcare system or the frontliners because at the end of the day, we can only rely on you and me.

Apa itu COVID-19? (Coronavirus Disease-2019). I’m sure you already know that it’s a virus. As with other viruses, such as dengue, there is no vaccination available. Overcoming the viral infection depends on our own immunity. How to boost immune system? You wonder. The simple way during this pandemic, is to increase your Vitamin C intake. Do pick Vitamin C terbaik for you and your family.

Watch this video to understand how to boost immune system by eating right and making changes to our lifestyle. I received this visual from a friend and thought that I should share it. Hopefully, it is beneficial to everyone. We can overcome COVID-19 together.

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