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How Did Honor Magic 5 Get High Fame Even Before Its Release?

Never heard of a phone that got famous even before its release. The smartphone is set to be released worldwide by the end of March 2023. The phone’s specifications have a lot of features that can easily grab customers all around the world. Honor Magic 5 specs are adorable, and the smartphone has various functions.

The Honor smartphone now has a 5G function. All current networks are compatible with the 5G network. You are given the best smartphone look available in a lovely colour theme. The camera lens on the smartphone is of great quality. As camera phones, Honor smartphones are quite popular. The smartphone is so amazing because of its long-lasting battery, active noise reduction, and other features. The smartphone’s specs are described in further detail below.

Honor Magic5 Pro

Features of HONOR Magic 5:

Available colours:
The smartphone has 5 colour variants. The smartphone is available in the following colours.
• Glacier Blue
• Green
• Purple
• Orange
• Black

6.73” display and 191g weight:
The smartphone’s small weight makes it convenient to carry in your hands. It is barely 191 g in weight.
The construction is excellent, with a glass front and rear and a luxurious leather back. The display’s protective glass shields the display. The display is stunning in direct sunlight. It is not necessary to use it in bright environments. The display has a 6.73-inch OLED screen that supports 1B colours.

Active noise cancellation feature:
The audio quality is so good. You can listen to calls in crowded areas. This has been made available because of the active noise cancellation feature. Stereo speakers are also available that create a smooth bass. The 24-bit audio recording is a good feature of the smartphone.

Adreno 740 with snapdragon 8:
Let’s not forget about the Honor Magic 5 phone’s latest Android and OS when it comes to software. The most recent Honor handset includes Android 13 and Magic OS 7.1. The pixels of the 3D games fit best in such software. While the CPU is excellent, the software is the smartphone’s finest feature. On the Magic 5, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is paired with the Qualcomm SM8550-AB. The Adreno 740 is ideally suited for 3D gaming.

256 and 512GB Storage:
A large memory is available that can carry your large amount of data. The memory offered is as follows.
• The RAM is 256GB with 8GB RAM
• The 256GB with 12GB RAM
• The 512GB with 12GB RAM
• The 512GB with 16GB RAM.

Li Po non-removable 5100 mAh battery:
The smartphone includes a 5100 mAh Li-Po battery. The charging can be done both wired or wirelessly. The battery is non-removable. With a single charge, you can use your smartphone for two days.

IP68 rating:
The IP68 grade protects the smartphone from dust and water. The IP68 water-resistance standard will protect the smartphone. This smartphone is resistant to dust and splashes of water. This function shields your phone from harm.

Final words:
Although the smartphone has not been released yet, the HONOR Magic 5 specs have gained a lot of attention from all over the world. The HONOR Magic 5 release is pending till 31st March. After the 31st, you can grab your smartphone from the stores.

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