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Hotel Transit Ipoh @ Amanjaya Bus Terminal

This modest Hotel Transit Ipoh, with only 18 rooms, is a great pit stop for anyone who comes to Ipoh through the Amanjaya Bus Terminal (Terminal Bas Aman Jaya). It is located within the terminal itself, on the first floor. No doubt, soon, there will be the new Casuarina Hotel just opposite of this modern bus station, but I am all for convenience.

Hotel Transit Ipoh Terminal Bas Aman Jaya
Hotel Transit Ipoh

Although there are 18 rooms, only four have attached bathrooms, which are going for RM80 per night. Guests using the other bedrooms have to share the common bathroom. Rooms with TV are RM90 per night.

Besides providing accommodation, they also offer bathroom rental, laptop rental, luggage storage, foot reflexology and body massage services at very reasonable fees.

*Hotel Transit, Rest & Go – rooms go from RM40 up to RM90 per night, or RM10 to RM20 per hour
*bathroom rental at RM6 per entry
*luggage storage at RM3 / entry / day
*laptop rental at RM5 per hour

*foot reflexology at RM25 / 30 minutes
*body massage at RM50 / 60 minutes

Hotel Transit Ipoh (by Southeast Pioneer Rest & Go)
Add: Terminal Bas Aman Jaya, Lot 14 & 15, Tingkat 1, Ipoh Perak Transit, Bandar Meru Raya Jelapang, 31400 Hulu Kinta, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: 016-5263640

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8 thoughts on “Hotel Transit Ipoh @ Amanjaya Bus Terminal

  1. Very convenient for transit travellers on the way to the north and south of Ipoh. Also budget-friendly as well.

  2. Hello, can you inform me how is the distance this hotel from Terminal Amanjaya…and if we want to check in on 30/1/15 at 8.00 pm and want to check out on 31/1/15 at 9 am…so it not a day…just a few hours…or half day….we want to know how musc is the lowest cost for this situation can you give in your hotel…

  3. Hi Nurul,

    So far, I have not heard of any negative news about this hotel. However, any traveller should know to be alert at all times and take the necessary safety precautions.

  4. Hi. I plan to stay at the hotel for a few days. I wonder whether the hotel provides toiletries like towels etc. besides, I wonder whether iron is provided or not so that I can iron my shirts.

  5. Hi Marky,

    Just for you, I called up the hotel to ask.

    They provide liquid soap and towel. Toilet is not attached but the RM90 per night room has attached shower stall.

    Iron is available and it is self-service.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Hi,
    Can I ask is this the terminal which I can take to go up to Cameron Highland? If this the place then it will be very convenient for me to stay here…

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