Hotel Sri Klawang, Negeri Sembilan

Hotel Sri Klawang Jelebu
1. Hotel Sri Klawang, Kuala Klawang

A sister property to Jeram Gading Resort, Hotel Sri Klawang in Kuala Klawang, Negeri Sembilan, is actually more like a rest house than a hotel despite its name.

Hotel Sri Klawang Jelebu
2. reception counter

Having travelled to many parts of Malaysia, especially to smaller towns, I have come to keep expectations low when it comes to accommodation.

Hotel Sri Klawang Jelebu
3. arches

Therefore, while Hotel Sri Klawang had been a disappointment to some of my travel mates, I found my room acceptable. Perhaps, I was just lucky to be allocated a better room.

Hotel Sri Klawang Jelebu
4. courtyard

In fact, it reminded me of my room in Pengkalan Hulu rest house and the chalet in Setiu. Well, as long as the door and windows locked and the bathroom worked, I have no complaints.

Hotel Sri Klawang Jelebu
5. twin room

Hotel Sri Klawang, which was formerly a rest house, was taken over by this new management just a few months ago. I trust that over time, the hotel will improve not only facility-wise but also in their services.

Hotel Sri Klawang Jelebu
6. twin room

Meanwhile, guests here can enjoy the natural beauty of its surrounding areas or sign up for one of the eco and agro-tourism packages offered by the hotel.

Hotel Sri Klawang Jelebu
7. sate tulang @ 80 sen per skewer

The highlight of my stay was probably the serving of sate tulang (chicken bone satay) for dinner, a Negeri Sembilan speciality.

Hotel Sri Klawang
Add: Jalan Simpang Pertang, 71600 Kuala Klawang, Negeri Sembilan.
Tel: +606-6134058

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