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Hotel Excelsior Ex-Staff (1983 – 2014) Reunion Dinner 2015

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
1. part of the alumni of Hotel Excelsior Ipoh (1983 – 2014) who turned up for the reunion

The reunion of former employees of Hotel Excelsior, Ipoh, was more like a long-awaited gathering among family members rather than one of ex-colleagues.

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
2. setting off fire crackers

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
3. former colleagues (L-R): Rosnan Ahmad, Khodri Tamin and Azizi Abidin

The meaningful event saw Excelsior ex-staff from as early as 1983 mingle, joke and laugh as they recalled past experiences and events of their time working together at Ipoh’s first star-rated hotel.

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
4. F&B staff of Tower Regency Hotel led by Abu Bakar (L)

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
5. Front Office Department

The reunion, which began with an air of celebration with the letting off of firecrackers, was an idea that came up just two months ago.

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
6. Dulang Coffee House

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
7. Excelsior Club / 43rd Rock Street

Therefore, it was through the efforts of the hardworking committee, making connections through their vast network of friends and combing social media platforms that this group of 130 people, out of a staff strength of some 190, managed to come together on Tuesday evening.

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
8. Dulang Kitchen

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
9. F&B Cashier

Many of the attendees are now based outside of Ipoh so it was heartening that they made their way to Ipoh just to participate in the reunion which was hosted at Tower Regency Hotel, the main sponsor of the event.

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
10. Housekeeping Department

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
11. Maintenance Department

About thirty staff members of Tower Regency Hotel began their careers in the hospitality industry at Hotel Excelsior, including Hotel Manager Madam Mariana Abdul Hamid.

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
12. Sales Department

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
13. Sonata Lounge

Madam Mariana said, “Many of us are from the very first batch of employees of Hotel Excelsior. We are very happy to be able to meet up after losing touch for so many years. We are like family. A few of our colleagues have unfortunately passed away.”

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
14. Security

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
15. Artist Department

Madam Mariana herself joined Hotel Excelsior at the age of 21 as F&B cashier. From there, she was promoted to Front Office receptionist and rose from rank to rank until she became Rooms Division Manager upon her departure from the hotel in April 2010.

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
16. Banquet Department

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
17. Store Department

Coincidentally, the Tower Regency Hotel’s popular live band Cheeky-Cheeky Boom Boom, who provided the entertainment, also had a three-year stint with Hotel Excelsior and achieved a total of RM1.5 million in sales during their engagement there.

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
18. Hotel Excelsior Football Team

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
19. Cheeky-Cheeky Boom Boom

Even as the attendees reminisced about the good ol’ days, they took the opportunity to take plenty of photographs, including grouping department by department.

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
20. cake cutting ceremony to celebrate 32 years of comradeship

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
21. the two birthday boys: Megat Ismail (L) & Khairul (R)

It was definitely an evening of good food, great music and excellent company; an event that many more memories were made.

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
22. Best Dressed Male: Rosnan Ahmad

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
23. with Best Dressed Female Nurul Azrina Mohd. Ali

It provided an opportunity for everyone to let their hair down as they danced the night away. Almost everyone took home a lucky draw prize thanks to the generous sponsors!

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
24. a winner of one of the many lucky draw prizes (R)

Excelsior Alumni Dinner
25. dancing the night away

Event: Hotel Excelsior Ex-Staff (1983 – 2014) Reunion Dinner 2015
Venue: Tower Regency Hotel, Ipoh
Date: 15th Sept, 2015
Time: from 5pm

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16 thoughts on “Hotel Excelsior Ex-Staff (1983 – 2014) Reunion Dinner 2015

  1. Dear@Ms Emily Lowe,
    This is the most rememberance…i love it so much.
    Thanks for the good job and writings by you and i,m sure the other guys will appreciate you so much.
    Thanks Emily!

  2. May I know what was the name of the famous old disco.in.Exclusion Hotel back in 1983 ? As I always danced at the underground disco after I ate in Dulang coffee house.

    Would really appreciate your help as we can’t remember the name of the disco there.
    Many thanks.

  3. Hi Emily,
    Many thanks for yr quick reply, oh…the very first n original name of the disco is just Excelsior Club?? Wow, those days besides this famous disco, another one was Palm Groove, at Casurina Hotel.

    Happy new year 2017 and thanks for your help.

  4. Hi Janey,

    Happy New Year to you, too!

    Yes, Excelsior Club was the original name. It then changed to 43rd Rock Street. Perhaps this would ring a bell?

    I do remember Palm Groove – it was the most happening club in town then.

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