It’s the end of the year and the best time is here again. It’s the holiday season! Yahooo….Excitement is in the air. It was 9.30am when I received an email on Last Minutes Discounted Seats with AirAsia.

What a coincidence! I was just about to make a booking for a family trip to the Land of Tomyam, Thailand! It’s time to chill and relax and not forgetting, pack in a lot of shopping and FOOD, too. Thailand has one of the best foods in Southeast Asia and it’s inexpensive.

shopping in Thailand (photo credit to owner)

shopping in Thailand (photo credit to owner)

Rushing to make flight and hotel bookings to grab the AirAsia’s discounted seats promo has never been easy. To add on to the hassle, instead of 4 of us, other family members have decided to join us this holiday. The more the merrier, I say.

Unfortunately, it became not so fun when dealing with online booking where there’s so much to key in, such as passengers’ particulars as we were checking in as a group. It was my great idea, of course, for the group check in so that I could shop till I drop and escape paying extra baggage fee at the same time. (Women and shopping are inseparable, right?)

 AirAsia free seat promo

AirAsia free seat promo

There was a long checklist that was needed to be completed including collecting passports for all those going. One person keeps them safe and takes responsibility for it. Well, we like organising ourselves in this manner and we actually do it for every family holiday. However, this time it was tough making sure everything was in order.

It was time for me to try out Bungkusit.

Bungkusit homepage

Bungkusit homepage

Since my relatives live in different areas, it was troublesome to gather all the passports at one place. So, I downloaded Bungkusit, to SPEED things up.

On another thought, why not let someone else handle my problems. The reason I chose Bungkusit was because I heard that it can get tasks done within 60 minutes! At first, I was skeptical but to my surprise, I was proven wrong.

How Bungkusit Did It?
Firstly, Bungkusit is well equipped to do such tasks. They have “Roadies” (runners) who are specially trained to complete a task within an hour. Yes! Even in busy KL traffic, as they use bikes to do their assignments.

So, I booked Bungkusit Run-Errands service to pick up the passports from Kajang (an office) and then collect another one from a relative’s house in Taman Cuepacs. Finally, they are to be sent to my hotel at Bukit Antarabangsa.

This was the tricky part but this app is all about creativity.

In the App, there are two options to choose from :
1) Run Errands
2) Courier Service / Food Delivery

Run-Errands service has only 2 locations for you to deliver stuff from one place to another. However, they have 1 more option which is called Courier Service / Food Delivery.

So, for Bungkusit Courier Service, we can input three locations. Usually these 3 locations are more for food items where customer pays rider first for the food, then rider goes to restaurant to purchase the food and then he comes back to you to pass you the food.

Instead of just using it for food, I took the opportunity to use it for 3 locations to get the passports from 2 different places and then deliver them to my location. It was amazing!! I felt like a genius that I was able to come up with my own idea on how to do this!

Let me show you how it works.

Multiple Delivery Location:
Taman Saujana Impian, Kajang –> Taman Cuepacs, Cheras –> Bukit Antarabangsa, Ampang

Bungkusit app

Bungkusit app

There’s another great feature on Bungkusit app which is “Quick Chat with Roadie”. So, basically what I did was, I quickly messaged my roadie to let him know that it’s not a food delivery, and instead it was just for me to collect items from my relatives.

I got the passports from both locations and paid in cash for the speedy Bungkusit service. It’s that efficient! Bungkusit made it happen for me!

I am sharing this with all of you to check it out and see how Bungkusit can be used.

Do let me know how do you use it in the comment column below!

 Now You Can Save more With Bungkusit

Now You Can Save More With Bungkusit

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