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I have been living out of a suitcase about half the time for the past four or five years now. Although I get compliments for my ability to travel light, I can honestly say that it is a skill that I am still trying to master. The truth is, my bags may look small comparatively, but they ain’t light!

I like to tell people that I carry the house with me. I am not joking. Men who tried to be a “gentleman” by helping me with my luggage have asked me what’s inside. LOL

Let me reveal them to you today. Food and beverages! Sometimes they are instant noodles, at other times they are crackers and chocolates, but always mineral water, depending on whether I’m going into the jungle or taking a well-deserved break at a five-star beach-side resort.

Nestlé products
Nestlé products

These products from Nestlé are what I am going to take along on my next trip. With my favourite food and drinks packed safely in my luggage, I don’t have to worry about missing a meal while on the road, or unable to find a suitable eatery in an unfamiliar place.

By the way, all these items are available at Nestlé’s official online store at Lazada.com.my. Why should you shop for these items online and not from your neighbourhood grocer or hypermarket? That’s because during Lazada Online Revolution which runs from 11.11.16 to 12.12.16, shoppers get to enjoy discounts of up to 90% store-wide!

Check out these Nestlé products and you will be amazed at the seriously attractive prices they are being sold at…..but not for long! Don’t miss this chance as it only happens once a year. I am stocking up, and so should you.

click this banner to head to Lazada Online Revolution
click this banner to head to Lazada Online Revolution

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  1. The Maggi instant noodles are the best! A bit sour, but I was surprised there’s dehydrated chicken pieces in it

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