Happy Oyster’s Day!

Happy Oyster's Day
1. a group of friends and their free meal at MOVIDA Kitchen+Terrace, Ipoh

It wasn’t only Happy Oyster’s Day last Friday at MOVIDA Kitchen+Terrace, Ipoh. It was also Happy Connor’s Day!

Happy Oyster Day
2. the long queue

Happy Oyster Day
3. queuing for fresh oysters, then Connor's Stout Porter

Everyone was invited to the restaurant-cum-bar for a free flow of fresh oysters and Connor’s Stout Porter. And judging from the happy crowd, the word got around like wildfire.

Happy Oyster Day
4. free flow of Connor's Stout Porter

Happy Oyster Day
5. a smiling diner is a happy diner

The open invitation began at 7pm and the crowd streamed in non-stop, building up the queue outside of the entrance.

Happy Oyster Day
6. there you go - a happy meal for adults

Happy Oyster Day
7. MOVIDA Kitchen+Terrace, Ipoh on Happy Oyster's Day

It was a delightful evening when family and friends got together for the freebies. Of course, they topped up their meal with items from the menu as well. Allow me to share some photos with you.

Happy Oyster Day
8. full house inside MOVIDA Kitchen+Terrace, Ipoh

Event: Happy Oyster’s Day!
Venue: MOVIDA Kitchen+Terrace, Ipoh
Date: 25th Sept, 2015
Time: from 7pm

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