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Hallow From The Other Side – The Sacred Riana Invites You To PLAY

Have you heard? The Sacred Riana, Winner of Asia’s Got Talent 2017, is back in Ipoh! She will perform at MAPS Theatre @ Movie Animation Park Studios on the following days and times:

28th October – 2pm, 4pm, 7pm & 9pm
29th October – 4pm & 7pm

To watch The Sacred Riana, make a minimum purchase of RM15 worth of MAPS retail items.

The Sacred Riana Performs at MAPS Theatre @ Movie Animation Park Studios
The Sacred Riana Performs at MAPS Theatre @ Movie Animation Park Studios

The Sacred Riana began performing at MAPS as part of the animation theme park’s Hallow From The Other Side Halloween weekend programme on 26th Oct, and I caught one of her acts yesterday. Having watched her live on stage previously also at MAPS, I opine, I was similarly impressed by her level of illusion as at the initial time.

From what I know, The Sacred Riana will perform different acts for all sessions in a day, which means that visitors need to spend as much time as possible at MAPS to catch as many of her shows, because each and every presentation has its own element of creepiness and entertainment value.

The Sacred Riana’s 20-minute performance is indeed a live horror-inspired illusion of international standard. It is worth your money and time to get your seat at MAPS Theatre; very apt over the Halloween weekend.

Compared to the previous live performance of The Sacred Riana that I watched in Feb 2018, this was an interactive show, which engaged her audience. My word of advice, DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH HER. EEEEeee!!!!!

While you are visiting MAPS, do participate in the numerous ghostly activities lined up for the weekend, from games and stage performances, Opening Zombie Flash Mob, and Haunting Closing Parade. Don’t forget to set foot in the Haunted House, too.

Other signature attractions at MAPS include Malaysia’s tallest Drop Tower measuring at 52 metres, The Smurfs, as well as Stunt Legends Bike and Car Stunt Shows. You really don’t want to miss these, too!

Do take note that MAPS operation hours are:

Weekdays: 10am – 6pm
Weekends / Public holidays / School holidays: 10am – 10pm
*Park is closed on Wednesdays.

For more information on programmes and ticketing, log on to MAPS official website www.mapsperak.com or Facebook: fb.com/mapsperak

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