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Halal Mooncake to Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival With

Mid-Autumn Festival or locally known as Mooncake Festival falls on 10th September 2022. It changes yearly as it is based on the Chinese lunar calendar, the 15th day of the 8th moon. Although one may think that the festival is still a long way off, gift-giving has actually begun. Yeah, it is part of the Chinese culture to gift mooncakes and angpow among other gifts, to our business associates and extended family.

You may wonder why, even though Mid-Autumn celebration marks the end of the harvest season and indicates the beginning of autumn. Well, these pastries with usually sweet fillings have auspicious Chinese characters imprinted on the top, so it is our way to extend the blessings from giver to recipient.

Travelodge Ipoh Mooncakes
Travelodge Ipoh Mooncakes

Whether as gifts or for own consumption, those looking for Halal mooncakes [kuih bulan Halal] should look no further than the variety of pastries offered by The Lodge @ Travelodge Ipoh. Priced from RM8 per cake, pick your favourite flavours according to personal preference.

Travelodge Ipoh Mooncake Pricing
Travelodge Ipoh Mooncake Pricing

They are individually packed and placed inside a bright red box that gives off an auspicious vibe, just apt for the occasion of the Mid-Autumn celebration.

Travelodge mooncakes
Travelodge Ipoh mooncakes in a bright red gift box

The Lodge @ Travelodge Ipoh
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Tel: +605-242 8888
Email: enquiry.tlip@travelodgehotels.asia
Web: www.TravelodgeIpoh.com

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