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Get that Job! Create an Amazing Resume

Guide to Creating an Amazing Resume

Learn how to edge out the competition with a custom CV or video CV that truly reflects your personality and potential.

Join Emily Refalo, Hannah Heffernan and Jordi White in this 60-minute webinar to learn everything you need to know to create an eye-catching resume that truly reflects your personality and potential. Gain insights straight from a recruiter who sees hundreds of resumes each week on what you need to include or exclude to stand out in the job-hunting crowd. They’ll show you how you can be a total design newbie and still create great resume designs with the help of Canva’s simple, drag-and-drop design tools.

Get that Job! Create an Amazing Resume

Learning Outcomes:

Tips on what’s essential to include in your Resume and what you can leave out
How to represent yourself digitally and not just on paper but with video CVs too
Design tips and tricks
How to start from scratch with a designer-made template or update a previous design
How to connect your LinkedIn profile

This webinar is suitable for everyone interested in learning more about Canva and the resources available for educators. No prior experience with Canva is needed.

Includes live access to webinar and participation in live Q&A session at the end of the event.

Date & time: 9th August, 2021 (1pm – 2pm UTC+08)
Register HERE.

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