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Gua Kek Look Tong (Buddhist Cave Temple)

Gua Kek Look Tong
Kek Look Tong limestone cave temple

I may live in Ipoh but the number of times that I have visited the many popular, touristy cave temples in and around Ipoh combined, could be counted on one hand.

Kek Look Tong
cave temple in Ipoh

Sunday saw us going out on a field trip and the first stop was Kek Look Tong (which means “cave of great happiness” in Chinese). It was such a long time ago that I was there, I couldn’t recall anything at all. I was surprised that there weren’t many visitors either. Perhaps the end of the year is really not a good time to be traipsing in limestone caves because of heavy rainfall.

golden phoenix
golden phoenix

What surprised me was this couple who chose Kek Look Tong to shoot their outdoor wedding photos; just like I was surprised to see bridal couples at the Ipoh Railway Station for outdoor wedding photography too. I really should get out of the house more on Sundays!

outdoor wedding photos
bride & groom

There is really nothing much to “see” in Kek Look Tong but plenty of photo opportunities. It’s tricky too and the overly bright sunlight in the middle of the day did not help. Still the Samsung ST600 is one intelligent camera and by using Smart Auto (shooting mode), I was able to get most of my shots right without adjusting the settings manually.

golden Buddhas
L to R: Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, Vairocana Buddha, Manjusri Bodhisattva

Even though Kek Look Tong may look like an ordinary cave from the outside, it has one “treasure”, if I may call it so. It’s the garden at the back of the cave, which also has a walking path for people daring enough to exercise alongside monkeys. I didn’t dare go take closer up shots because of the monkeys!

beautiful garden
beautiful garden behind the cave

After this visit, I don’t know when my next trip here would be. This is not a place that makes me think that I want to visit again anytime soon.

dragon head
dragon head

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2 thoughts on “Gua Kek Look Tong (Buddhist Cave Temple)

  1. The lime factory in the background and all the high tension wire structures in the area spoil the whole scenery. (sigh) TNB could have planned it better to avoid setting up the structures there. Mebbe did it that way to save costs (sigh again).

  2. I love this cave among all the caves in Ipoh but they have spoilt the natural beauty with too many man-made things! Sigh!

    The ‘factory’ at the far end is indeed the most stupid idea allowed by the City Council or State Government! What do you expect from these people without brains!

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