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Give The Timeless Gift of Flowers This Valentine’s Day

Less than two weeks to Valentine’s Day! If you are still unaware, VD is celebrated on 14th February annually. Perhaps there are “blur” people who do not know.

However, guys, let’s face it! This is one occasion that you cannot escape from. Give also cannot (cos the gift may not be up to expectation), don’t give also cannot (because you’re then deemed unromantic, and that’s putting it mildly).

Well, the safest bet of all when it comes to gifting, apart from a romantic candlelight dinner, is flowers. So, when my friend in Singapore asked for my opinion on how to surprise his wife this Valentine’s Day, I told him flowers would be great. If he has no idea what flowers she likes, go with roses!

Floral Garage Singapore
Floral Garage Singapore

While some people may think that flowers are surely going to be expensive during this season, it is not necessarily so. One stalk of rose from a Singapore florist, currently running a Valentine’s Day sale is only $16.20. By the way, one stalk of rose means “Love at first sight”, so make sure that it’s applicable to your situation.

Freestyle Bouquet
Freestyle Bouquet

Perhaps you want a bouquet. Freestyle bouquets, among the most popular gifts, are going for as low as $34.90, one of the lowest-priced you can find in Singapore.

Beauty in a Box
Beauty in a Box

Oh, by the way, perhaps your loved one is a person who loves something different from bouquets. If so, you can consider Beauty In A Box, where a variety of flowers are beautifully packaged in a box. This gives off a sense of elegance, in my opinion.

Delightful Vegetables
Delightful Vegetables

For the practical recipient, think about giving the creative veggie bouquet. There’s no need to worry about flowers wilting. Just cook and eat the vegetables later on! LOL

In view that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, if you order your flowers from an online Singapore florist, you definitely wish to opt for one that offers the best flower delivery service.

Same day delivery within four hours? That’s the best option that is available in the market. Of course, ensure that the quality of service is exceptional. Do check their rating on Google review!

Hopefully, my post has provided you a fair idea on the bouquet to gift your better half this Valentine’s Day. I am waiting to receive mine. HEHEHE

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10 thoughts on “Give The Timeless Gift of Flowers This Valentine’s Day

  1. I would still prefer the normal bouquet compared to the veggie bouquet. But I certainly hope to receive money bouquet made with RM100 notes. A thousand of it please…

  2. Wow, at least something special for this valentine’s. Thanx for your sharing and will definitely buy this for my gf this coming valentine’s

  3. That veggie bouquet would be nice to Moms eith flowers of course!
    But i prefer jewelry, babe 🙂

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