Get To Know Your Councillors (Ipoh)

With the swearing in of Ipoh City Councillors for the new term on March 7, 2016, we see two new names for the current term, namely Clr. Dato’ Thangarajah a/l Raman and Clr. Encik Shahul Hamid bin Mydin Shah although the latter had served as a Councillor from 2009 to 2013.

Ipoh City Mayor Dato' Zamri Man at the  swearing-in ceremony
Ipoh City Mayor Dato’ Zamri Man at the swearing-in ceremony

Today, I furnish below the full list of Councillors for your perusal. In my work, I can call a number of councillors as friends, although I do not claim to know all of them.

Therefore, I believe this list will come in handy for Ipoh residents.

Zone 1 (Kanthan / Chemor / Klebang)
Clr. Chan Soon Yip
Tel: 012-512 5226

Zone 2 (Kuala Kuang / Chepor/ Meru)
Clr. Mazlan B. Abdul Rahman
Tel: 012-536 3000

Zone 3 (Kinding / Tg. Rambutan / Putra)
Clr. Shahul Hamid B. Mydin Shah
Tel: 016-531 1496

Zone 4 (Perpaduan / Ulu Kinta / Tambun)
Clr. Mazlan B. Abdul Rahman
Tel: 012-536 3000

Zone 5 (Gugusan Manjoi)
Clr. Muhamad Rizal B. Husin
Tel: 012-502 1912

Zone 6 (Buntong / Silibin)
Clr. Dato’ Thangarajah a/l Raman
Tel: 012-500 7400

Zone 7 (Tembok / Taman Cherry / Taman Lim)
Clr. Ong Chee Keng
Tel: 012-304 8755

Zone 8 (Kepayang / Fair Park / Bandar Ipoh Raya)
Clr. Dato’ Shamsuddin B. Hj. Abdul Ghaffar
Tel: 019-559 0039

Zone 9 (Greentown / Pekan Lama / Medan Kidd)
Clr. Choo Kean Seng
Tel: 016-521 1516

Zone 10 (Tawas / Tasek / Ipoh Grove)
Clr. Liew Kar Tuan
Tel: 012-520 1230

Zone 11 (Bercham / Tasek Dermawan)
Clr. Ir. Lai Kong Phooi
Tel: 013-518 1180

Zone 12 (Kg. Simee / Taman Ipoh / Taman Canning)
Clr. Ceylyn Tay Wei Lung
Tel: 012-468 1818

Zone 13 (Cempaka / Taman Golf / Lumba Kuda)
Clr. Hairul Anwar B. Mohamed Noor
Tel: 019-559 9910

Zone 14 (Pekan Baru / Tebing Tinggi / Pasir Pinji)
Clr. Chew Junn Weng
Tel: 012-521 5080

Zone 15 (Pasir Puteh / Seri Kinta / Kuala Pari)
Clr. Dato’ Hj. Mohd. Raduan B. Mohd. Kasim
Tel: 019-512 2437 / 012-508 2437

Zone 16 (Jelapang / Taman Pertama / Rishah)
Clr. Dato’ Thangarajah a/l Raman
Tel: 012-500 7400

Zone 17 (Menglembu / Falim)
Clr. Khoo Boon Chuan
Tel: 012-507 7939

Zone 18 (Lahat / Bukit Merah)
Clr. Datuk Lee Heng
Tel: 012-522 3808

Zone 19 (Menglembu Barat)
Clr. Dato’ Phoon Yoon Choy
Tel: 012-588 7811

Zone 20 (Sg. Rokam / Ipoh Jaya / Ampang)
Clr. Isfarina Bt. Mohd. Bali
Tel: 019-555 9150

Zone 21 (Kg. Sg. Rapat / Pengkalan Pegoh / Pengkalan Gate)
Clr. Mohamad Annuar B. Baharuddin
Tel: 012-451 2111

Zone 22 (Sengat / Rapat Jaya / Changkat Larang)
Clr. Hang Tuah B. Din @ Mohamed Din
Tel: 012-520 0981

Zone 23 (Gunung Rapat / Rapat Setia / Taman Song Choon)
Clr. Low Leong Sin
Tel: 012-508 3677

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6 thoughts on “Get To Know Your Councillors (Ipoh)

  1. Impress with your knowledge as you know who is the councillors in your state and also the contact number. this will be useful for those that need help for the councillors.

  2. this should be really handy for ipoh folks, truth be told , why isn’t there someone in kajang posting this useful info for us. ipoh is really doing great in social media, thanks to you too.

  3. Will share this out to my friends who live in Ipoh – this post will come quite in handy to them. Thanks dear.

  4. Now Taman Silibin, Ipoh hit by hill-clearing.
    This is apparently for a condo and semi-detached housing project by a major property developer.
    The irony is that such ‘back to Nature’ projects are being advertised as ‘green development’ that blends with Nature when there is nothing green about clearing hill-slopes.
    Fat profits for the developer while Nature is being destroyed.
    How these things get approved, I don’t know. Perhaps the city council and the state government would care to explain.

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