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FREE Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking MasterClass

FREE Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking MasterClass

An event for those who are interested in building their public speaking confidence and technique in a small and safe space (12 people max).

Tired of not having the confidence to speak up in meetings? This class will help you overcome your speaking anxiety.

We all know that having good communication skills is important in today’s world. But it can be hard to learn how to communicate well when you’re an introvert or have social anxiety.

The School of Connection was founded by Michael Sokolin who has suffered from severe social anxiety. He wanted a place where people could learn how to speak in public without feeling judged or anxious about their performance. This school uses techniques that work for introverts and those with social phobia so you’ll feel at ease while learning these valuable skills.

FREE Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking MasterClass

Workshop overview:

The workshop is all practice-based, starting with voice and breathing exercises, improvised speaking exercises and opportunities to deliver off-the-cuff speeches.

Group discussion will take place to highlight the existing strengths of the speakers, followed by potential areas for improvement.

The principles are grounded in authenticity. Their approach to helping people overcome their fears is done through encouraging participants to drop the personas they wear in their day-to-day lives in order to express themselves with honesty, and discover their natural speaking style.

They are big fans of embracing vulnerability and strongly believe it’s a strength, not a weakness. Only through vulnerability do we drop our guard and communicate in a way that truly connects to others.

The Session will include:
Technique training according to the ‘8 fundamentals of a confident public speaker’:
– Breath and pace
– Voice projection
– Physicality (body language and eye contact)
– Content (structure)
– Intention
– Emotions and tone variety

Date & time: 16th October, 2021 (5pm UTC+8)
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