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Flower Pot Ice Cream

Flower pot ice cream has been a craze in Ipoh for quite a while. I have never tried it myself because the “soil” looks very messy to eat.

But my foreign friends who recently tagged along with me to the pasar malam (night market) were fascinated with it and ordered one each, at RM4 per pot.

flower pot ice cream
flower pot ice cream

The ice cream comes in various common flavours such as chocolate, vanilla, rainbow, honeydew, etc.

The “soil” is actually Orea crumbs. Haha…. that’s a smart idea! Other ingredients added are usually colourful M&M’s, groundnuts and English parsley for the leaves.

Obviously, the attraction in flower pot ice cream is in its presentation.

In Ipoh, besides night markets, they are also sold by different vendors at the square in front of Ipoh Railway Station.

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