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Flame of the Forest (Semarkat Api) In Full Bloom

flame of the forest
red flame of the forest

I spotted these Flame of the Forest trees in full bloom during the recent one-month hot and humid spell some time in March. These large trees grow abundantly in Canning Garden, Simee and along Tambun Road. Planted as a shade tree, and also as an ornamental tree, these trees may also be in other areas of Ipoh, but I am not sure.

flame of the forest
driving along Lebuh Cecil Rae

The flowers of Flame of the Forest are either red (scarlet), yellow (flame) or orange in colour, hence its name. I am still trying to look for the orange Flame of the Forest in Ipoh. There are more yellow flowers, I think. The flowering season for Flame of the Forest in Malaysia should be somewhere between March to April, depending on humidity. They flower at other times of the year in other countries with different climates.

flame of the forest
yellow flame of the forest in full bloom

For an in-depth read of this Flame of the Forest tree, read this well-researched article on Singapore Infopedia: Flame of the Forest.

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3 thoughts on “Flame of the Forest (Semarkat Api) In Full Bloom

  1. Commonly known here as pokok semarak api, these trees are a beauty in the eye of the beholder.

  2. This tree is of medicinalvalue according to Indian Ayurveda. It is primarily used for stroke cure and rheumatism. It is called vatha narayanan tree.

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