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First Fire Dragon Dance Performance in Malaysia

fire dragon dance performance
posing with the fire dragon before it is lighted up

For the first time in Malaysia, the fire dragon dance was performed, and it was a privilege for Ipohites to witness it live. Presented at Kinta River Walk by members of Ipoh Chinese ChinWoo Athletic Association (Ipoh Chin Woo), it was the highlight of the triple celebration of the 50th anniversary of City Motors Group of Companies, Valentine’s Day and Lantern Festival (Yuan Xiao Festival).

fire dragon dance performance
preparing the fire dragon

The fire dragon, imported from China, was sponsored by City Motors Group. It was a long, straw dragon that was covered with lit-up incense sticks, and eventually burnt up, to signify the dragon’s return to heaven.

fire dragon dance performance
fire dragon dance performance

According to sources, the fire dragon was first performed in a village called “Tai Hang” in Hong Kong in the 19th century, during Mid-Autumn Festival, for three days and three nights, to ward off plague that had befallen the village.

fire dragon dance performance
24-season drums performance

The dancing of the fire dragon, is of course, accompanied by the clashing of cymbals and banging of drums, culminating with the setting off of red fire crackers.

fire dragon dance performance
Chinese folk dance performance

Besides the fire dragon dance performance, other entertainment lined up included singing and dancing, diabolo display, 24-season drums performance and traditional lion & dragon dances.

fire dragon dance performance
face mask changing performance

Cultural activities that were participated by the public to celebrate “Chap Goh Mei” (the fifteenth night of the Lunar New Year) were the launching of sky lanterns and tossing of mandarin oranges.

fire dragon dance performance
singing performance

The event, was organised with the collaboration of Ipoh Chinese ChinWoo Athletic Association, Shen Jai High School, Perak Yungting Association and Perak Hu Clan Association. It was attended by, among other VIPs, Dato’ Chang Ko Youn who represented the Perak Menteri Besar while Ipoh City Councillor Ir. Lai Kong Phooi, represented the Ipoh City Mayor.

fire dragon dance performance
lighting one of the many sky lanterns

Monies raised from the event, plus an equivalent amount from City Motors Group of Companies, would be donated to Shen Jai High School.

fire dragon dance performance
lanterns are launched into the sky

Event: 50th Anniversary Celebration City Motors Group of Companies (1963- 2013)
Venue: Kinta River Walk, Ipoh
Date: 14th Feb, 2014
Time: 7pm

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