Quite a number of people wrote in to me asking about the new electric train service (ETS) that gives passengers from Ipoh a smooth transit to KLIA2 or KLIA to catch a flight.

Getting out of the country has always been a problem for Ipoh folks because we do not have an international airport, you see, and so far, people have relied heavily on express coaches if they wanted to travel to countries other than Singapore and Indonesia. These new ETS packages will be good alternatives.

I went to the ETS office in Ipoh just now. For those of you who are unsure where to buy electric train tickets in Ipoh, just go to the Ipoh railway station. ETS shares the same building as KTMB.

With this post, I have included a scanned copy of the train schedule and fares for people interested to go to KLIA2 or KLIA from Ipoh. First, hop on the electric train (ETS) at the Ipoh railway station and then transit at KL Sentral by taking the KLIA Transit (rapid transit service) to proceed to KLIA2 or KLIA Ekspres (high speed train service) to proceed to KLIA.

Currently, total fare from Ipoh to KLIA2 is RM42.50 per adult and RM25 per child. Total fare from Ipoh to KLIA is RM65 per adult and RM34 per child. Fares are valid until the 6-month ETS promotion expires on 28th February, 2011.

Read about my review of the electric train service (ETS) from KL Sentral to Ipoh three months after its launch HERE.

ETS website: http://ets-train.com.my/
KLIA Ekspres website: http://www.kliaekspres.com/

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