Emily Meets Amber Chia

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A superstar hardly has a free minute to herself as fans kept asking for photos and autograph (yours truly). I guess, if one was a celebrity, it could be quite worrisome if no one bothered with photos!

Amber Chia Academy
the many courses offered by Amber Chia Academy

I actually saw Amber Chia once before, when she was at The Haven, a property development in Tambun, to announce the winners of their “Name the Rock” contest. However, that was from quite a distance in the dark. My photos from that event weren’t that great, and I was quite disappointed. This time, I got to chat with Amber, and I found her to be very friendly, easy-going and definitely approachable, despite her status as a celebrity supermodel. Yahoooo!

Amber Chia Academy
the crew from Amber Chia Academy

Check out these photos from my chance encounter with Amber Chia. I am still delirious!

Amber Chia Academy
brought to us by Amber Chia Academy

Event: Meeting Amber Chia @ MOFEW 2011
Venue: Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
Date: 13th Nov, 2011
Time: 5.45pm

Amber Chia autograph
Amber Chia wishes ‘all the best’ to readers of emily2u.com!
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With love

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