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Eat All You Can @ MAYA Steamboat & BBQ

As we were contemplating where to celebrate Mom’s birthday, we bumped into the owner of MAYA Steamboat & BBQ in town, and “ting”, a light bulb came on in our heads and it was instantly confirmed that MAYA would be the venue.

MAYA Steamboat & BBQ in Ipoh
MAYA Steamboat & BBQ in Ipoh

Knowing that MAYA, located directly opposite the Shell Station along Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, has a garden setting as its restaurant, we decided to be there earlier before the dinner crowd to enjoy its ambience.

interior with garden setting
interior with garden setting

If you didn’t know yet, MAYA Steamboat & BBQ, which opened on 28th August last year, is a Halal-certified eat-all-you-can restaurant, for a fixed price for BOTH steamboat and BBQ options.

interior with garden setting
interior with garden setting

For the steamboat, there are two soup bases available: Chicken or Tom Yum. Choose either one and then take your pick of the many raw items available on the menu. Then start dunking everything into the hot pot.

large freezer with a variety of meat and vegetables
large freezer with a variety of meat and vegetables

Steamboat is one of the most popular choices for dining, especially during the cold weather, and is a great “shared meal” among family and friends. It’s also versatile because each person can get what he or she likes and put them into the hot pot, or opt for the grill at the same time. The tricky part is knowing when your food is cooked, especially for those who are not savvy in the kitchen.

some of the meat selections
some of the meat selections

The friendly staff at MAYA Steamboat & BBQ is ever ready to assist or to answer questions, so feel free to look for them if you have issues or concerns. They will also share with you the tips and tricks of eating steamboat or grill to your satisfaction.

frozen food options
frozen food options

Is it true that it’s “eat-all-you-can” at MAYA Steamboat & BBQ? Absolutely, like the buffets that we are so used to. For the price of RM29.90 /adult & RMRM22.90 / child (Monday to Thursday) and RM34.90 /adult & RM27.90 /child (Friday to Sunday & Public Holiday), you can definitely eat to your heart’s content.

chicken soup base
chicken soup base

Check out the extensive menu at MAYA Steamboat & Grill

1)Chicken (Thigh)
Marinated with 6 flavours:
‍Barbecue Source
‍Ganjar Kunyit
‍Oyster Source
‍White Pepper

2)Beef (Tenderloin)
Marinated with 4 flavours:
‍Black Pepper
‍Barbecue Source
‍Oyster Source

3)Lamb (Shoulder)
*Only available on Weekends and Public Holidays*
Marinated with 2 flavours:
‍Oyster Sauce
‍Barbecue Sauce

4)Seafood (6 items)
✅Bamboo Clam
✅Flower Crab
✅Green Mussels
✅Ikan Patin Slice
✅Ikan Bawal Puteh
Sea Prawn ***only available on Weekends and Public Holidays

the grill is fired up, so is the tom yum soup base steamboat
the grill is fired up, so is the tom yum soup base steamboat

5)Vegetables (6 items)
✅Chinese Cabbage
✅Nai Bai
✅Yu Ma Tam
✅Green Coral

6)Mushroom (5 items)
✅Enoki Mushroom
✅Brown Beech Mushroom
✅White Beech Mushroom
✅Brown Shimeji Mushroom
✅Seafood Mushroom

7)Frozen Food (15 items)
✅Chicken Sausage
✅Seafood Tofu
✅Cheese Tofu
✅Hors Claw
✅QQ Fish Filament
✅Crab Stick
✅Lobster Ball
✅White Fish Ball
✅Small Fried Fish Ball
✅Fish Sandwich
✅King Crab Chunk
✅Crab Nugget
✅Fish & Soy
✅Meat Beef Ball

eat as much as you can at MAYA Steamboat & BBQ for a fixed price

8)Ready To Eat (6 items)
✅Japanese Tofu
✅Vit’s Mee
✅Yellow Mee
✅Chicken Eggs
✅Nasi Puteh

9)Beverages (10 items)
✅1 – Filtered water with lemon
✅2 – Chinese Tea
✅3 – Herbal Tea
✅4 – Teh O
✅5 – Sirap Lemon
✅ice cream (coffee)
✅ice cream (chocolate)
✅Assorted Fruits
✅Kid’s Snack – MiMi

10)Sauces (6 items)
✅1 – MAYA Thai Red
✅2 – MAYA Thai Clear
✅3 – Garlic Soy Sauce
✅4 – Sesame Tomato Sauce
✅5 – Garlic Chilli Sauce
✅6 – Kicap Manis MAYA

condiments for noodles
condiments for noodles

Now, you might be wondering why there is a price difference on different days of the week. On weekdays, prawns and lamb are not served. However, this is compensated with more chicken options, meaning, there are four flavours of marinated chicken thighs on weekends but on weekdays, there are SIX. That’s two more.


The restaurant is currently on a Hari Raya break, so the new menu options and pricing begin on Tuesday, 25th April. MAYA Steamboat & BBQ is open from 6pm until 11pm daily for dinner and supper. With a large seating capacity, you can take your time to dine while catching up with loved ones over the meal.


Video: MAYA Steamboat & BBQ

MAYA Steamboat & BBQ
Add: LOT 34496, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, Taman Jubilee, 30000 Ipoh, Perak
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/Li4Y9whvKA7QSaRm8
Hotline: +601125761411 (reservation is encouraged)
Business hours: 6pm – 11pm daily

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