Dogs in Beijing, China

Beijing Chinese dogs
1. storekeeper

Before my trip to Beijing, I have read that it is very expensive to own a dog in China. Therefore, I did not expect to see any dog during my recent 7D/6N trip.

Beijing Chinese dogs
2. Cikgu Annadurai prepares to take a photo with the dog

Beijing Chinese dogs
3. natural woolen jacket

To my surprise, I did. Not as many as when I was in the Netherlands, but still, a wonderful sight!

Beijing Chinese dogs
4. dogs returning from a stroll around Wang Fu Jing Shopping District

Beijing Chinese dogs
5. stuffed dog of Tibetan Mastiff breed at the entrance of Padang Restaurant

Here are photos of the dogs that I managed to catch on camera. I think I missed out a couple of dogs.

Beijing Chinese dogs
6. time for a walk

Beijing Chinese dogs
7. street dog out in the cold

Not as many as I have omitted in the Netherlands!

Beijing Chinese dogs
8. photo shoot (L-R): Stanley, Nelson, dog owner, Kim & Mani

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