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Designing for Accessibility

Designing for Accessibility

Tips and tricks to ensure you reach your entire audience, designing with inclusivity in mind for people with disability.

Join Nissa in this 90-minute webinar to learn how easy it is to implement simple strategies to ensure that your designs reach every person in your audience. Understand how people with different disabilities engage with your work. Learn how easy it is to make sure that everybody is included. Once you know it’s not so hard to implement.

Designing for Accessibility
Learning Outcomes:
Grow skills and confidence to design with every audience in mind.
Gain empathy for how people perceive the world differently.
Increase awareness around what design needs to include to be inclusive, expanding your understanding and expectations.

This webinar is suitable for: Everyone interested in learning more about Canva and inclusive design. No prior experience with Canva is needed. However, this session is interactive. Log in to your Canva account if you’d like to participate.

Includes: Live access to webinar and participation in live Q&A session at the end of the event.

Presented by: Nissa Blagojevic – Engineer and Designer at Canva

Date & time: 12th Aug, 2021 (7am – 8am UTC+8)
Register HERE.

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