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If you have travelled with me before, you would know that I have a personalised printed t-shirt for my blog, I only wear it when I am away from Ipoh because this is too small a city to identify myself in public.

Anyway, I printed that t-shirt as a trial and thought of ordering more but I didn’t like the service of my designer-cum-printer, who wanted to charge me more and more when I requested for a change in the “free” design that I was offered. As you can tell, that is also a t-shirt that I am not happy to wear.

customised tshirt printing
upload your own t-shirt design

A couple of days ago, I was brought to the attention of Printcious, a portal that allows us to upload our own design to print t-shirts, mugs, cushions and ceramic tiles in our preferred design and colour, except that ceramic tiles only come in white, naturally.

As a blogger who continuously tries to promote her blog and get the URL out to more people, I have had it in my mind for a long time to give out free t-shirts printed with to my readers.

It was just last week that I was telling a friend that if I have the funds, I would give out goody bags of emily2u personalised gifts to loyal readers.

Checking out, I love that the website is simple to use with friendly navigation. It is clean, neat and the font size is comfortable. I chose to log in using my Facebook account for convenience.

customised tshirt printing
besides t-shirts, we can also print mugs, cushions and tiles

My target is the customised t-shirt, obviously, now it is just a matter of getting someone to help me with the design that reflects the spirit of Emily2U.

For only RM39 per piece printed on t-shirt that is 100% cotton, there is no minimum order requirement to meet. Plus, the company has promised quality printing and fast delivery.

Looking at the range of pre-printed t-shirts available for sale, I am tempted not only to get my personalised t-shirt printed but also shop for a couple of more t-shirts. I love the cute designs, particularly in the “Animal” category.

While it is not difficult to browse through the many t-shirts since they are categorised, what would make it simpler would be to have the option to sort through by price, such as RM19, RM29 and RM39.

After all, if we intend to purchase these items as gifts, we usually allocate a limited budget for that. – Precious Gifts From Your Heart may the be tagline of the company but it would still have to be friendly to our bank account, right?

Therefore, with the option to select price range, it would reduce the amount of time required to browse through the items that we can afford to purchase.

Printcious is also available in Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, Philippines & Taiwan.

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28 thoughts on “Customised Online Printing of T-Shirts & Other Gifts

  1. Affordable price for customized prints! Just wondering what kind of printing method they use? Press on or embroidery or direct printing on the shirts

  2. thanks for sharing this website, Emily 🙂 I can now explore it and decide whether some of my handrawn drawing can be printed for sale too 🙂 Glad that you have your own blog t-shirt 🙂
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

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