CST Auto Group Car Show

CST Auto Show
1. Audi

A retiree once told me that there’s nothing much to do in Ipoh and the best ways to pass time is to visit car showrooms and new show houses.

CST Auto Show
2. close-up of Jeep Wrangler-Unlimited Sport

This festive season, CST Auto Group has brought in a few new car models for the convenience of potential car shoppers to check out and test drive easily.

CST Auto Show
3. Jeeps

For 9 days, those who are interested in the latest Jeep Wranglers, Suzuki, Subaru and Audi cars may check them out at the parking area of De Garden.

CST Auto Show
4. cars brought to us by C.S.T. Auto

Although far from retirement age, that was what I did yesterday, to bring you photographs of just a small selection of cars available there.

Event: CST Auto Group Car Show
Venue: De Garden, Ipoh
Date: 20th – 28th Dec, 2014
Time: 10am – 8pm

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