Concubine Lane Lorong Panglima

1. Lorong Panglima (Concubine Lane) with Big John’s Music Shack on the left

Lorong Panglima (Panglima Lane), or better known locally as Concubine Lane (or Yi Lai Hong in Cantonese), is a narrow, uneven path, in Old Town Ipoh, believed to have been established in 1908.

The shophouses here, which were mainly occupied by kept women of tin tycoons in the old days, hence its nickname, are now mostly dilapidated. Some have changed ownership, who luckily, have taken pains to restore the buildings.

Concubine Lane Lorong Panglima

2. in Cantonese, this lane is called “Yi Lai Hong”

Since undergoing rehabilitation and revitalisation by the new generation of owners, Panglima Lane is now a mixture of the old and the new, with young tenants offering a good range of knick knacks, adjacent to eateries.

However, people from the older generation are still reluctant to visit Concubine Lane even today because of its reputation (there was an opium den here), and also because in the old days, occupants here used to hang their laundry, including underwear, overhead.

Concubine Lane Lorong Panglima

3. this entrance is directly opposite popular Old Town eateries, Thean Chun and Kong Heng

Still displaying an old world charm, the lane, which is opposite Thean Chun and Kong Heng, attracts a healthy number of visitors, either for the food, photography, or the weekend bazaars.

Personally, Concubine Lane does not hold any attraction to me yet. What about you?

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