Colours of Ramadan Bazaar Stadium Perak

pasar Ramadan Ipoh
curry crabs

Perhaps my eyes were playing tricks on me…. this year’s Ramadhan bazaar at Stadium Perak seemed smaller compared to previously. Also, during my visit there a few days ago, the sky threatened to pour, hence there was not much of a crowd as well.

pasar Ramadan Ipoh
grilled fish

pasar Ramadan Ipoh
D’ Tanjung Ikan Bakar

Nevertheless, the hawkers were just as friendly as I remembered them to be and obliged to pose for my camera, just for fun.

pasar Ramadan Ipoh
Lan kebab ayam

pasar Ramadan Ipoh

Today, I am bringing you some colourful photos from the Ramadhan bazaar at Stadium Perak, and I am sure the foods taste as delicious as they look!

pasar Ramadan Ipoh
chicken rice

pasar Ramadan Ipoh
fruit salad

Throughout the month of Ramadhan, I may visit some other bazaars for more photos. We shall see!

pasar Ramadan Ipoh
air katira Suhaimi

pasar Ramadan Ipoh
thumbs up for lamb skewers

Ramadhan Bazaar Stadium Perak
Venue: Stadium Perak parking area
Date: 29th June – 27th July, 2014
Time: from 3.30pm – 7pm

pasar Ramadan Ipoh
popiah basah

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