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Checking Out CAM Caravan

Over these recent two years, I have been seeing CAM Caravans at exhibitions. Although fascinated, I have not found the opportunity to step inside until lately.

You see, it has always been my dream to go on a caravan tour around the country. Unfortunately, caravans were not available until recently. Besides, I am not capable of driving long distance, so that dream did not materialise.

1. CAM Caravan
1. CAM Caravan

However, with the introduction of CAM Caravans that are locally assembled by Sendok Group, my desire to tour the country in a caravan is back.

2. interior
2. interior

Introducing CAM Caravans to Malaysians is a fantastic idea, I think. This caravan that I had inspected is good for four to five passengers. It is well equipped with beds, kitchenette, washroom and toilet. It is also fully air-conditioned. This caravan is selling at RM206,980 on-the-road price.

3. the bed
3. the bed

The problem now is that we need more caravan parks with suitable facilities to accommodate such vehicles, for example, safe parking, waste disposal, water supply, etc.

From what I know, there is one caravan park in Desaru, Johor, launched in August last year and one more in Kuala Lumpur is slated to be launched anytime soon.

4. kitchenette
4. kitchenette

I can’t wait for this tourism sector to be more developed so that I can finally realise my dream. I hope that it will be soon!

By the way, CAM, which stands for China Auto Manufacturers (M) Sdn. Bhd. also assembles other types of vehicles, such as 10 to 18-seater vans and trucks, supplied to travel & tour companies, hotels, food truck operators, logistics & forwarding companies, government agencies and similar organisations.

For more information about CAM Caravans, contact Sendok Group at +603-33455600 or +6019-2290390. You may also log on to Sendok Group website: www.sendokgroup.com

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15 thoughts on “Checking Out CAM Caravan

  1. This CAM Cavaran looks so equipped and nice. Wish I could travel around peninsula malaysia using this. Thank you for the sharing

  2. Omg i thought I could only see this in US. Im glad Malaysia have it.
    Would you know how much is the unit?

  3. The caravan looks so nice. I imagine we will be seeing many more of this caravan soon on the roads. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  4. Hai…just want to ask abt CAM…
    1. If we sleep in CAM…using air con ..from night until morning….or from morning until evening…can the CAM the power cater this?
    2.Can the power be recharge?.. is the power supply separated from power of the unit and the vehicle?
    3. If power being charge…can it be charged using small generator .or with electric supply?
    Thank you

  5. Hi Zul,

    1) For AC usage inside the caravan, you need to plug in to outer power source, to household or to a gen set.

    For different power settings, modification needs to be done on the existing battery. However, when you are in the nature, the night breeze paired with mini mobile fan is sufficient – the window has mosquito netting and the window is situated on top.

    2) It has 2 separate batteries, one for caravan and 1 for the vehicle. The one for caravan can be recharged.

    3) Both are ok.

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