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Ceramics Pottery & Me Exhibition

Japan International Art Exchange 2023 Gold medal recipient for her “Look With Your Heart” decorative sculpture, Ng Sook Peng, and twenty of her students are hosting a joint exhibition at 22 Hale Street, called “Ceramics Pottery & Me”.

Ng Sook Peng with her
Ng Sook Peng with her “Look With Your Heart” decorative sculpture

This exhibition is ongoing from now until 2nd July 2023, except Mondays and Tuesdays, from 10am until 4.30pm. “Look With Your Heart” is for sale during the exhibition at a price tag of RM18,000.

Japan International Art Exchange 2023 Gold Medal Award
Japan International Art Exchange 2023 Gold Medal Award

While this isn’t Sook Peng’s first exhibition, nonetheless this is her maiden event held together with her students. Besides them, Sook Peng has also invited a fellow Ipohite ceramic artist, Mr Alex Lim, to showcase his sculptures.

A graduate of the Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA), Sook Peng is trained in watercolour, but she hopped on to working with clay as a medium as she preferred the 3-D effect that ceramics provided. Clay is only one type of ceramics.

According to Sook Peng, “Each piece of sculpture tells a story. What’s more interesting is that visitors to the exhibition may view a piece and interpret the art in different ways, which may not necessarily be the same intention as what the artist had in mind when creating it.”

“Look With Your Heart” with a RM18,000 price tag

Ng Sook Peng runs ceramics classes at her Canning Garden studio. Students can choose to attend her 9-session basic course at least once a week, following a structured syllabus that Sook Peng had drawn up herself. The fee for this basic course is RM850.

Graduates of the basic course can proceed to the intermediate and advanced levels. For further information, contact The Living Art Studio. View the full photo album of Ceramics Pottery & Me Exhibition on our official Facebook Page by clicking HERE.

Event: Ceramics Pottery & Me
Venue: 22, Hale Street, Ipoh
Date: 17th June – 2nd July, 2023
Time: 10am – 4.30pm

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