Celebrating Hari Raya @ Impiana Hotel Ipoh

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Impiana Hotel Ipoh Hari Raya buffet
meet Executive Sous Chef, Nathan

My family and I celebrate various occasions throughout the year at Impiana Hotel Ipoh (IHI), a premier hotel in Ipoh City. This year, we had the opportunity to celebrate Hari Raya at the hotel. Aren’t we Malaysians lucky that we get to enjoy all festivals even though we are of different races and religions?

buffet Impiana Hotel Ipoh
interesting arrangement

buffet Impiana Hotel Ipoh
mussels & prawns on ice

The first day of Hari Raya is usually the day most of us overindulge in food. Luckily, by dinner time, I still had some space for the mouth-watering Hari Raya BBQ dinner at Impiana Hotel Ipoh. The menu tonight is different from their recent Ramadhan buffet. However, their popular action stalls are maintained, so is the BBQ grill.

buffet Impiana Hotel Ipoh

buffet Impiana Hotel Ipoh

As usual, today, I have many photos to share with you. Obviously, the food shown on this page makes just part of the menu. And although I managed to snap some pretty good shots, even if I may say so myself, I think that one would have to try out the food for oneself to know how good these dishes really are!

Hari Raya Impiana Hotel Ipoh
ayam masak merah dengan kacang peas


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