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The Day I Was Bride at Mah Meri Village

Sep 26, 2019 Author: Emily | Filed under: The Malay Mail Newspaper

Arriving at Carey Island, some 70km from Kuala Lumpur city in the district of Kuala Langat, my friends and I were briefed on the Dos and Don'ts prior to entering Mah Meri Cultural Village. Even so, we set foot into the grounds with trepidation. Like the other eighteen aboriginal tribes in Peninsular Malaysia, the Mah ... continue reading »

TV Man Can’t Get Enough of Ipoh

Sep 25, 2019 Author: Emily | Filed under: Personalities, The Malay Mail Newspaper

As the Managing Director of MQTV, a television channel in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, Eka Budiman Sumadji travels extensively in the course of his work that includes the production of travel documentaries. The 42-year-old first heard about Ipoh when he was invited by Gaya Travel Magazine to Perak to explore the state’s tourist attractions to be ... continue reading »

Around The World With The Benders

Sep 24, 2019 Author: Emily | Filed under: Personalities, The Malay Mail Newspaper

Floating under the stars in the hot springs of the Lost World of Tambun, life couldn't have been more perfect for the Benders. Originally from Perth, Australia, the family of four has been on the move for the last three years, travelling the world. A road trip around Peninsular Malaysia, with a month-long base in ... continue reading »

Price for Ipoh’s Best

Sep 23, 2019 Author: Emily | Filed under: Personalities, The Malay Mail Newspaper

As an avid caver, Perak is a natural hunting ground for Liz Price. The British lady who resides in Kuala Lumpur uses Ipoh as her base to explore other areas of Perak, which is rich in natural limestone hills and caves. "My main passion is caving, so it's not surprising that I spend a lot of ... continue reading »

Simplicity at its Best

Sep 22, 2019 Author: Emily | Filed under: Landmarks, The Malay Mail Newspaper

Taking the bold step to resign from a lucrative career in banking and finance in 2010 after 22 years in the industry, Sudaryo Osman, 44, decided to pursue his other love, a life of outdoor adventure, which he has clocked 30 years of experience in outdoor training. Having inherited a large parcel of land along the ... continue reading »

Tales of the Golden Lilies

Sep 21, 2019 Author: Emily | Filed under: Personalities, The Malay Mail Newspaper

Although Raymond Yeo Kheng Chuan spends most of his time these days making fashionable Peranakan beaded slippers, the business that he inherited from his grandfather, the late Yeo Eng Tong, is best known as the shop to head to in Malacca for intricate hand-sewn lotus shoes. Remembered Raymond, "In the old days, my grandfather used to ... continue reading »

In 1998, Peter Josef Bucher and his wife, Irene, bought a house in Ipoh Garden East so that when they eventually settled down, it would be in Ipoh. Having lived almost a nomadic lifestyle since entering the hospitality industry some fifty years ago, where the past eleven years were spent in a resort environment when Bucher ... continue reading »

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