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Taiping Street Art

Sep 19, 2017 Author: Emily | Filed under: Photos - Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX400V, Travel

Street art seems to have pervaded many cities and towns in Malaysia and Taiping is no exception. In fact, I enjoy tracking them down and search for new additions every time I am in the area. Some time ago, I went to Taiping, just for a short break. 2017 is Visit Perak Year, after all! Have ... continue reading »

Spritzer EcoPark, Taiping

Sep 18, 2017 Author: Emily | Filed under: Photos - Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX400V, Travel

Spritzer EcoPark in Taiping opened to the public as a recreational park about two years ago and it took me this long to chalk up my maiden visit. A major draw of this ecopark is its 18-hole mini golf course, where anyone can try playing golf for a small fee. There are other attractions as well. For ... continue reading »

One of the best places for photography in Perak is Victoria Bridge (Jambatan Victoria) in Enggor, just outside the boundary of Kuala Kangsar. This single-track railway truss bridge was built in December 1897 and was completed in March 1900. At 117 years old, Victoria Bridge is one of the oldest railway bridges in Malaysia. This bridge ... continue reading »

Some of you may not be aware that Impiana Hotel Ipoh's Bistro was closed for about a year. Well, it's all right, because the Bistro has been relaunched with a Sports Bar concept, while retaining its name. Reopened since early September, this sports bar offers leisure lounge to the public to cater to a wider age ... continue reading »

It's the time of the year again to celebrate Halloween. Make your way to Ipoh's Lost World of Tambun (LWOT) this October and be guaranteed a ghoulishly fun time, where spine-chilling adventures await! It's going to be a month-long of Halloween celebration for three generations of the family. What better time is it to strengthen family ... continue reading »

The much awaited MATTA Fair Perak is back with a new round of travel deals and great bargains for travel lovers. 19 tour and travel agents are present, occupying 89 booths. Although I wish to plan a trip somewhere, I really have no idea where to go. That was why I checked out all the offers ... continue reading »

"Quack, quack, quack; quack, quack, quack!" This is the default calling that one would hear 24/7 at Trong Leisure Farm & Resort in Perak. This is because the farm is home to thousands of ducks! Trong Leisure Farm & Resort began life as one of the few duck farms in the area more than twenty years ... continue reading »

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