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It's Oldtown White Coffee's 11th year in business! To celebrate this milestone, Oldtown White Coffee is running a "Buy 1 Free 1" promotion in July, August and September, but only on the 11th day of the month. On the 11th, there are three choices to select from. Each selection, at normal price, comes in two servings. ... continue reading »

Since the relocation of D North Star to Ipoh Garden back in April, I had wanted to patronise it. Its opening was postponed twice and then I was told that they are pricey, "Don't go." It's still OK to try once, I told myself but each time I passed by, I didn't see them open. Finally, ... continue reading »

Speech & Drama Workshop

Aug 30, 2019 Author: Emily | Filed under: Photos - HUAWEI P20 PRO

Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in a Speech & Drama Workshop in Petaling Jaya, to explore the Guild teaching and examination syllabus. Admittedly, being an introvert, teaching speech and drama was not a subject that I gave a thought to, ever. Nevertheless, when this workshop session was made available to me, I told ... continue reading »

As a new contributor to Google Crowdsource, I took the opportunity to participate in my first Malaysia meetup-cum-photowalk, on 24th August. It was quite a tough decision to make, as the programme clashed with my trip to Terengganu. Anyway, I chose Crowdsource over a long trip to the East Coast, and I have no regrets. Google Crowdsource ... continue reading »

What attracted my patronage at Restoran Foong Keng Yuen was its banner on a special promotion of Ikan Tilapia at RM13.80, following my earlier disappointment which you can read here: Hunt For the Elusive RM10.80 Ikan Tilapia @ Restoran CK Keong 10th Anniversary. We arrived for lunch, a tad earlier than the supplier for the fish. ... continue reading »

I spied this banner that shouts Ikan Tilapia at RM10.80 (3 preparations) at Restoran CK Keong when shopping at the Monday night market in Taman Ipoh Jaya. Only available from Mondays to Fridays, it says, in conjunction with the restaurant's 10th anniversary celebration. And so, we made out merry way there yesterday, Monday, for lunch. Guess ... continue reading »

Ding dong! Ring the door bell of Huskiss PJ and a pack of dogs rushes over to welcome you, waggly tail and all. A visit to Huskiss in PJ (Kelana Jaya) is pure indulgence, because for a fee of RM25, what you get in return is just 1.5 hours of doggie time with a group of ... continue reading »

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