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During my trip to Kuching as a guest of Sarawak Tourism Board to provide media coverage for the Rainforest World Music Festival 2019, there were a few short tours to introduce interesting tourist destinations to participants. One of the tours that I signed up for was the Santubong River Cruise in Kuching Wetlands National Park, ... continue reading »

As one of the top music festivals in the world, Sarawak's Rainforest World Music Festival certainly needs no introduction among music lovers, who travel from around the world to immerse themselves in three full days of music, dance and culture, forging friendships with like-minded people. RWMF was established in 1998 with an audience of about 300. ... continue reading »

PSPA Singers: The 7th Night of July

Jul 8, 2019 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events, Photos - HUAWEI P20 PRO

The PSPA Singers put up an "almost stellar" performance last night, at The 7th Night of July charity concert. The two-part show saw an international recital in the first half, and a musical in the second half. During the recital, the singers were garbed in national costumes from around the world, to deliver popular songs in ... continue reading »

Another Kathmandu destination that's high up on the list of tourist attractions is Swayambhunath, or popularly known as Monkey Temple by the fact that it teems with primates. This ancient religious architecture atop a hill in the Kathmandu Valley actually means 'Sublime Trees' in Tibetan language. Swayambhunath, one of seven groups of monuments and structures in Kathmandu ... continue reading »

Although I was in Nepal, roof of the world, for ten days, I only had limited time in its capital city of Kathmandu. Nonetheless, I managed to visit one of the most popular landmarks of the city: Boudhanath. In fact, I visited twice, upon my arrival at Kathmandu from Kuala Lumpur, and again when I ... continue reading »

Upon returning to Kathmandu following a 7-day epic backpacking-cum-trekking adventure at Manaslu Conservation Area, my choice of accommodation was the newly-operated Hotel Jay Suites in Thamel. I spent two nights before departing for Kuala Lumpur and onwards to my hometown, Ipoh. Having already stayed at Bouddha, Thamel was the perfect choice. This tourist hub is like ... continue reading »

If you have been following my blog, you would know that I spent ten days in Nepal recently. It was an epic Nepal backpacking-trekking trip, which saw me spending 7 days at the Manaslu Conservation Area. So, I stayed a night in Kathmandu on arrival from Kuala Lumpur (or to be precise, Ipoh), before flying out ... continue reading »

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