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The Ancient City of Zhengzhou

May 4, 2019 Author: Emily | Filed under: Malindo Magazine, Travel

One of the National Central Cities in China, Zhengzhou, located in east-central China, is the capital of Henan Province. Situated along the southern bank of China's famed Yellow River, Zhengzhou is the birthplace of the Yellow Emperor. As capital city of the Land of the Red Dragon, for a thousand years since the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 ... continue reading »

Beyond Taipei (台北)

Mar 1, 2019 Author: Emily | Filed under: Malindo Magazine, Travel

Taipei 101 (台北101), once the world's tallest building, is naturally what comes to mind at the mere mention of Taiwan. However, the country is so much more than this iconic skyscraper of 101 floors. Taiwan is dominated by rugged mountain ranges on a good two thirds of the island country, parallel to the east coast. Therefore, ... continue reading »

Chongqing Delights

Jan 12, 2019 Author: Emily | Filed under: Malindo Magazine, Travel

One of the four municipalities in China since 1997, alongside Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin, Chongqing boasts the largest population in southwestern China. Strategically located at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers, it is the gateway to the Three Gorges, the starting point for a promising scenic boat cruise downstream Yangtze through the Three Gorges ... continue reading »

Wonderful Wuhan

Dec 29, 2018 Author: Emily | Filed under: Malindo Magazine, Travel

Picturesque, serene, historic.... these are but three adjectives used to describe Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province in Central China. Wuhan is the amalgamation of three smaller cities of Hanyang, Hankou, and Wuchang on 1st January, 1927. In the same year, Wuhan became the capital of China, albeit for only six short months. Due to its strategic ... continue reading »

Halloween Creeps

Oct 3, 2018 Author: Emily | Filed under: Malindo Magazine

Observed in some countries in the West annually on 31st October, Halloween originated from a Celtic festival some 2000 years ago, called Samhain (pronounced sow-in). The day, also New Year's eve, marked the end of the summer harvesting season and the transition to a harsh winter. The Celts believed that this was a day when the ... continue reading »

Mid-Autumn Festivities in Hong Kong & Taiwan

Sep 5, 2018 Author: Emily | Filed under: Malindo Magazine, Travel

One of the most significant festivals in the Chinese lunar calendar is Mid-Autumn Festival. To give thanks to a bountiful autumn harvest, it is observed on September 24 this year, or annually on the 15th day of the 8th moon according to the lunar calendar. Celebrated by Chinese people around the world due to China's cultural ... continue reading »

Enchanting Labuan

Aug 18, 2018 Author: Emily | Filed under: Malindo Magazine, Travel

The mention of Labuan draws puzzled looks among many Malaysians. Where is it located? Is it part of Sabah? No, Labuan, named after "labuhan" or harbour, is the second Federal Territory of Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur. Located off the state of Sabah in East Malaysia, enchanting Labuan is known as "the Pearl of Borneo". On the ... continue reading »

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