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Perak Food Fest

Dec 27, 2010 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events, Goodie Foodie, Photos - Samsung ST600

Perak Food Fest was supposed to kick off at 10am on 26th December, 2010 but when I arrived at 8pm, most vendors were still not ready yet. If you are wondering what sort of food you can get at the Perak Food Fest, since it looks like a state-level event, most food here are Malay-style ... continue reading »

street food

When I went to the pasar malam (night market) in Stadium Perak, I tried to look for something different than what I came across at the pasar malam in Medan Ipoh. You know, Ipoh is a small city, so we usually meet the same vendors no matter which night market we patronise! As I have ... continue reading »

colourful wind wheels

I haven't been to a night market for months already because I got bored with seeing the same wares for sale but I decided to make a trip to Medan Ipoh last evening because of the fine weather. I was not the only one who thought that it would be a good evening to while ... continue reading »

1Malaysia Fabulous Food

Karnival Penjaja Ipoh 2010 (1Malaysia Fabulous Food), organised by Tourism Malaysia and MCA Ipoh Timur, kicked off last evening at 6pm and officiated by Perak EXCO member, Y.B. Dato' Dr. Mah Hang Soon, who represented the Menteri Besar of Perak. The venue of the event is at Rainbow City Hawker Stall or more popularly known ... continue reading »

Sushi King promotion

I went to Ipoh Parade last night and came across this Big Bowl Noodles Challenge at Sushi King. It runs through the month of September and the challenge is for anyone to eat for free only if the huge bowl of noodles is finished within 10 minutes of being served. According to the poster, this bowl ... continue reading »

bazar Ramadan

What do non-Muslims associate the month of Ramadan with? The food, of course! Ramadan Bazaar, if you do not know, is like a food fair that comes once a year throughout the month of Ramadan where traditional Malay delicacies are sold for the breaking of fast for Muslims. But where there's food, there are Chinese. Frankly, ... continue reading »

Singapore Hot & Spicy

Jul 19, 2010 Author: Emily | Filed under: Goodie Foodie, Photos - Olympus PEN E-PL1, Travel
Tong Seng North Bridge Road

Singapore is an extremely expensive country by my standards. I'm not saying so in relation to my income but in relation to the much lower cost of living in Ipoh. So you can imagine, I was always looking for the cheapest food to eat. I dared not drink too much water too because a small ... continue reading »

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