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Happy Chinese New Year

Boy, I still remember writing last year's CNY greetings on this blog a year ago. Where did the past 12 months go? It's kind of scary how each day slips by rolling into another and yet another and soon, Chinese New Year will be upon us. By the way, 2011 is the Year of the ... continue reading »

Choy Sun

I got to know of this Chinese New Year event at the last minute. I don't usually go over to the Pengkalan side of Ipoh, you see. This event was sponsored by Keris Properties, a leading property development company in Ipoh. This is the company that brought forward-thinking architectural designs to Ipoh. This event wasn't ... continue reading »

Shaolin demonstration

Today, I bring you videos of the Shaolin martial arts performances from last evening's show at Kinta City, Ipoh, Perak in conjunction with Chinese New Year 2011. I don't know what happened but the photos and videos seem dark, though they are still viewable. Perhaps it's the lighted rabbit on stage. Whatever the cause, I'm ... continue reading »

young acrobats from China

I had the opportunity to drop by at Ipoh Parade yesterday and was lucky to catch this Chinese acrobat performance. I have watched many such shows and this performance looked like practice routine to me. In fact, these contortion acts and hula dances are pretty basic stuff in any acrobatic school. What stood out was ... continue reading »

The Haven Grand Launch Carnival

Jan 29, 2011 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events, Photos - Samsung ST600
The Haven Lakeside Residences

The Haven Lakeside Residences will be holding a grand launch carnival this Sunday, 30th January, 2011, at its Show Gallery in Tambun. I haven't decided if I would be going because I have a packed weekend schedule. If you have the time, you should go and have a look at the rock that's named Rockhaven. ... continue reading »

Perak State VVIPs

I was very lucky to be able to catch this event, Majlis Perayaan Krismas 2010 & Sambutan Tahun Baru 2011, even though I arrived at Stadium Indera Mulia an hour late. This event was a State-level celebration of Christmas 2010 and New Year 2011 and most of the VVIPs of Perak graced it. I didn't ... continue reading »

Amber Chia

The contest-loving me did not participate in The Haven's "Name The Rock" contest to name the 280-million year old rock, that was launched a month ago but I was still looking forward to the announcement of winners which was held at The Haven Site in Tambun, Perak, last evening. Why? Because Amber Chia, the Ipoh-born ... continue reading »

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