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I’m On The DoFollow Blogroll

Jan 22, 2008 Author: Emily | Filed under: Blogging
With love

Finally, Tricia emailed me yesterday to inform that I am included on the DoFollow blogroll. It's a good way to drive traffic and comments to your site but the down side is attracting insincere people who will leave comments just to get some link juice. And to counter that, I am going to delete all ... continue reading »

The [RSS] Hug Hug Club

Jan 10, 2008 Author: Emily | Filed under: Blogging

My blog buddies Albie and Angel O'liu liu have this thing called The Hug-Hug Club over at their blogs. Oh, I jeles because I don't have such a club. Nobody wants to hug me. I am unloved. I have failed as a blogger. SIGH! Although I have no plans to monetize this blog, I still want ... continue reading »


Dec 12, 2007 Author: Emily | Filed under: Blogging
With love

Within 48 hours, I have to write 93 posts. Tell me I am not going to die from this!!! The other day, I wrote 45 posts within 24 hours and I was so happy to get them done on time and even before I have time to recover, eeeeyyerrr it's time to torture myself again! If ... continue reading »

Third Blog On EntreCard

Dec 9, 2007 Author: Emily | Filed under: Blogging
With love

A couple of days ago, I registered this blog on EntreCard, my third blog with them. I have had only positive experiences with EntreCard and it has brought me a tremendous amount of traffic to this new blog and introduced me to a wide range of blogs that I will have to find time to ... continue reading »

Happy! Happy!! Happy!!!

Nov 25, 2007 Author: Emily | Filed under: Blogging
With love

Yahoo!!! I finally found the theme that I am satisfied with that only required minimum customization until it is "perfect" to me. It is also widget-ready which makes everything so easy to be added in later. I am happy to say that I did not even have to ask anybody for help with the codes ... continue reading »

Blog Inaccessible

Nov 8, 2007 Author: Emily | Filed under: Blogging
With love

I could not access my blog for hours a couple of days ago. It seems that my blog and server were fine except that my internet provider somehow could not reach the place where the server is hosted or something. Don't quite understand except that I could not even read my own blog let alone ... continue reading »

Plug-In Orgy

Oct 28, 2007 Author: Emily | Filed under: Blogging
With love

So damn free with all dead blogs on my hands. I am going to play with plug-ins! Have a plug-in orgy by myself. I already have links to more than ten author sites and will grab them all later and test them on this blog. I will then install those that work on all my ... continue reading »

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