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2019 will see quite a drastic change in my work schedule due to a 360-degree turn in my job scope. I will be desk-bound most of the time, which makes off days so precious to me. Unwittingly, I have transformed into one of the many people in the workforce who count long weekends at the start of the year!

And so, 1st January 2019 saw me planning my next long-awaited holiday! For the last few years, I never had to plan much because I was a random traveller who went with the wind. Presently, I can no longer afford this luxury as time is important to me. Moreover, having to pay 100% of my expenses makes every single discount that I can find almost akin to striking lottery.

AirRider Indoor Skydiving
AirRider Indoor Skydiving

Luckily I was alerted about last week, an opportune time for my Chinese New Year trip to Kuala Lumpur to experience AirRider Indoor Skydiving. Yeah, I know, KL is no big deal. However, that’s just about the amount of time I can spare this round. Let’s hope for a longer, further trip later in the year when things are more settled. Can’t wait!

Having checked website for the purchase of AirRider Indoor Skydiving tickets, there is no difference purchasing from the official website of AirRider. Both websites priced their tickets at RM89 per pax for two 50-second flights. Oops, I’m jelly-kneed just thinking about it, my ticket could jolly well be RM89 for one flight only!

Nevertheless, the benefit of ticket purchase via is its refund policy. Also, tickets are valid for six long months. These factors are advantageous to me. Who knows, there might be a change in my schedule, or I chickened out of my flight. Ah, let me get my money back and go for Plan B! Although Tripcarte allows for transfer of ticket to another person as a gift, I am too miserly for that! promo code promo code

By the way, has just released a number of discount coupons in conjunction with New Year, with various minimum purchases. Stretch your Ringgit to the maximum by buying tickets to more attractions across Malaysia’s major states (even Singapore, and soon, ASEAN countries).

A better idea would be to band your friends together to join in the fun of group purchase. You can then share out the saving and everyone gets to enjoy an experience at a lower price. Sharing is caring, after all!

So, before I make my purchase, who wants to join me in my trip? Let’s buy our tickets together to benefit from the discount code. I don’t mind using my credit card for payment in advance as offers secured online transactions, so that’s another worry off my mind. Any takers? Buzz me soonest!

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