Boustead Cruise Centre – the Only International Passenger Cruise Terminal in Port Klang, Malaysia

NOTE: 23rd Oct, 2018: WEF overnight parking rate has increased from RM10 to RM20 per entry.

1. Boustead Cruise Centre's cruise terminal
1. Boustead Cruise Centre’s cruise terminal

Of all the travels that I have undertaken in my life, I have yet to set sail on a cruise ship.

2. Superstar Gemini is docked at the terminal
2. Superstar Gemini is docked at the terminal

Therefore, you can imagine my delight when I was informed that it is going to be easier (and cheaper) to go on a cruise when a new route for Superstar Libra begins this 3rd September. Passengers are to board from Port Klang’s Boustead Cruise Centre, instead of Penang Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal or Singapore Cruise Centre.

3. a poster shows the terminal at its maximum capacity - serving three vessels at the same time
3. a poster shows the terminal at its maximum capacity – serving three vessels at the same time

Boustead Cruise Centre (BCC) is the only international passenger cruise terminal in Port Klang, which is the largest and busiest port in Malaysia. BCC was in fact originally built and owned by Genting Group more than twenty years ago and was known as Star Cruise Terminal.

 4. displays at the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery
4. displays at the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery

Star Cruise moved to Singapore, and the terminal was sold to another company, before Boustead Group acquired the terminal in October 2014.

5. information at the Department of Museum Malaysia
5. information at the Department of Museum Malaysia

BCC serves 130 vessels per year and some 200,000 international passengers over the same period. A major highlight of BCC, while under the ownership of Boustead Group, was the docking of one of the world’s largest and most technologically-advanced cruise ships, MS Quantum of the Seas, owned by Royal Caribbean International. It carried 4,000 passengers.

6. non-stitch fabric patchwork art by QueenL's Crafts
6. non-stitch fabric patchwork art by QueenL’s Crafts

BCC is an internationally-compliant passenger ship port, only one of four cruise terminals in Malaysia that has achieved this status. BCC is a five-storey terminal equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and modern amenities, to provide comfort and convenience for passengers. At any one time, BCC can cater to three vessels.

7. straw art for sale
7. straw art for sale

Sitting on 70 acres of land, there is still plenty of room for BCC to develop. In the pipeline is a hotel, to be operated by a sister company under Boustead Group. This hotel caters to passengers who call at the port, before moving on to another destination.

 8. artwork on display at the Malaysia Art & Craft Gallery
8. artwork on display at the Malaysia Art & Craft Gallery

As BCC is the first point of interaction for cruise passengers with Malaysia and her people, the management has provided space for local crafters to showcase their products. Setting up shop at the Malaysian Arts & Craft Centre include those producing non-stitch patchwork, straw art, ceramics and more. Live demonstration of art work is also available.

9. Mumtaj with her handmade earrings
9. Mumtaj with her handmade earrings

Some of the larger establishments have also set up a mini gallery at BCC, to give visitors a preview of what’s available at the main gallery in the city.

10. henna tattoo drawn by Mumtaj
10. henna tattoo drawn by Mumtaj

My recent visit to Boustead Cruise Terminal (BCC) in Port Klang was made possible by the Selangor State Economic Planning Unit (Tourism Sector) and Gaya Travel Magazine. Hopefully, these photos I shared give you a good walk-through of Boustead Cruise Centre, which operates the cruise terminal, and not the cruise liners themselves.

11. some traditional craft sold by Mumtaj
11. some traditional craft sold by Mumtaj

Boustead Cruise Cente Sdn. Bhd.
Add: 4th Floor, Boustead Cruise Centre, Persiaran Pelabuhan Barat, Bandar Armada Putra, Pulau Indah, P.O. Box 278, 42009 Port Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-31011333

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108 thoughts on “Boustead Cruise Centre – the Only International Passenger Cruise Terminal in Port Klang, Malaysia

  1. Hi Zayani,

    Cruise packages have to be purchased directly from cruise operators or travel agents. They are not sold at BCC.

  2. It’s been a while since I visited cruise! The cruise is a interesting place to visit, I used to visit the Biggest Library Cruise last time!

  3. Would you know if Gemini also docked in the Philippines?
    Those local crafts are so beautiful! I wish to experience the Gemini cruising.

  4. yes, me too! I have yet to have the chance to be on cruise! okay life checklist added then i can check out that interesting port

  5. Hi,

    How can I park my car if I am going on the cruise? Is there a parking place? Any idea how much would be the parking charges be?

  6. Hi Pillay,

    Yes, parking is available.

    It is RM10 per entry. That means if you go on a 4D/3N cruise, for example, you still pay just RM10 for the entire period.

  7. hi,

    just want to check where can i park my car if i am go on 4D/3N cruise. How Much Charges? is it any guard to take care? safe?
    i go to the Superstar Libra on this coming 15/10, is it this terminal i need to boarding?

    thank you

  8. Hi Joey,

    If you board from Port Klang, then yes, this is the terminal.

    Parking fee is RM10 per entry.

    The terminal and parking area are monitored 24/7 by security team.

  9. Hi Serene,

    There is a food court which opens from 9am to 3pm on normal working days. However, business hours are extended, including on weekends, when a cruise ship calls at BCC.

    Hope this helps.

  10. Thanks Emily for the info…am going on 29th Oct, was wondering if I shud take a Grab…costing RM109 one way from KL. Now you have saved me….I can park my car for RM10. Thks.

  11. im taking bus from Malacca to Klang Sentral n need to take Libra Star Cruise on 19 to go to the port from klang sentral n what transport is the best value

  12. Hi Zaiman,

    The distance is approximately 30km. It is better for you to take a taxi from Klang Sentral to avoid any delay, though I am not able to let you know of the taxi fare.

  13. Hi Emily,
    Wish to know how far away from BCC to the nearest train station to Batu Caves station. Is taxi available from BCC to get to the nearest train station?


  14. Hi, can you send the location for the parking in Boustead Cruise ctr, I going on this coming 10/12, for 4d3n star Cruise Libra, thks!

  15. Hi Emily,
    How far is the walking distance from parking bay to reach the cruise? Fyi, I having moving difficulties..

  16. Hi Serena,

    From parking bay to terminal building is about 100 metres & from terminal building to jetty, another 200 metres. Hope this helps.

  17. Hi Emily…
    You mentioned earlier that the walking distance was about 100 + 200 meters to the jetty.
    Is there a drop off point for those with moving difficulties…before driver proceeds to the parking bay?

  18. Hi Adonie,

    There is a drop off point in front of terminal building. From there, it is about 200 metres to the ship – the length of the jetty. Hope this information helps you plan better.

  19. Hi Emily, just wanna gather information before i booked fr the cruise. If im coming in frm KLIA2 on a bus, where should i stop. Is it at the bus terminal and then use a taxi or Grab then to the BCC Terminal. You got a better suggestion that u can share, cause i am going with veterans so the easier the better.. Thank You..

  20. Hi Antz,

    Not sure if there is direct bus from KLIA2 to Port Klang (BCC) but the faster and more convenient option would be by taxi (or Uber / Grab). Travelling time is approximately one hour from KLIA2 to BCC.

  21. I want to go for a 5 days Trip from 10. 01. 2018 To phuket langkawi Penang via p Klang for 2 persons
    Kindly let me the price and Port tax

  22. Hi Emily,

    Really enjoyed reading your article, I will be on Genting cruise sailing from Singapore end of this month. We will be stopping at BCC from 7am to 6pm. We thinking of going to have the famous Bak Ku Teh in Klang and a shopping trip at Aeon Mall. Just wondering if you know whether we can easily get a taxi/grab /uber from BCC to Klang? If yes do you happen to know what are the approximately charges? Thanks in advance.

  23. Dear Mimi,

    The fare won’t apply for taxis hailed at the centre itself but it’s a good approximation for Uber and Grab.

  24. Hi Emily,
    I want to going to look parking space, whether any security 24 hour security check in parking, but the guards house not along me to going to check it.

    My boarding pass will on Feb 07 until to Feb 11, SuperStar Libra.

    Can any one to tell me, let say I call grad car come pick up me on Feb 11, the driver without documents, did the grab car can go to entrance pick up me ?

    Just now I saw a lot of taxi waiting in guards house. The price was very expensive from KL to here two way RM300.00.

    They had guard house, can I going anytime without any documents ? Why the security guard without wear uniform stopping my car don’t let me entrance the terminal.
    Is was cannot entrance ? Please lets me know.

    I am so unhappy the guards house talking un respect with customers.

    Last question, car parking in terminal, did any happen someone car parking there, the mirror break in the car windows ? Stolen thing inside the car, is there happen before ? If yes. My car will not parking there. Please lets know. Thanks.

  25. Hello Rosemund,

    1. Boustead Cruise Centre (BCC) terminal is a private jetty and also a restricted area. For security reasons, security personnel do not allow outsiders to enter the premises without prior approval.

    2. Grab/Uber cars are allowed to send passengers to the terminal.

    3. The parking space is an open area within BCC secured compound. However, as with other parking facilities, parking is at customer’s own risk.

  26. Hi Emily

    I just saw Rosemund post. She said no car is allowed to enter the parking ? Is this true? Or do I need to show security evidence I am going on board the cruise ship?

  27. Ok simple question. I am going to board Libra on Sunday 4 Feb . Can I or can I not park my car at the BCC compound for RM10 until I return on the 7 Feb?

  28. Hi Pls can anyone help me which is the nearest hotel to stay overnight before I take a cruise the next day from Boustead Cruise Centre. I am driving down from Johore.

  29. Hi @Violet,
    Passengers can wait at the canteen area.

    @Ray Teo,
    You may consider Premiere Hotel, Bukit Tinggi, Klang (17 km away) and Crystal Crown Hotel Port Klang (16 km away).

  30. Hi… Emily, I going to pick up my Auntie on April at 8.00am. Can we waiting her infront of the Terminal? Thanks!

  31. Hi Emily,
    I am going on a cruise trip from West Port cruise terminal. Is there a parking area for cars park over night? What is the charges 4 the 5 days 4 night cruise car parking.

  32. @Angel,

    Yes, you can fetch passengers from the terminal.


    I believe you mean Boustead Cruise Centre, because West Port is a container port and not a cruise terminal.

    Parking fee is RM10 per entry. This means that the fee for 5 days is also RM10.

  33. Many thanks for the information on the parking at the terminal. is it likely that car park will be full when we get there? If so, what’s the back-up plan?

  34. Hi Emily. I enjoy reading the information provided above. Thanks. I will be joining star cruise this 2nd May, Wednesday. I just need your opinion: if cruise set sail at 5.00pm, gate close at 3.30pm and I reach about 2.00pm, do you think i will be able to complete everything and successfully board my cruise? My concerns are more on the processing time and distance, customs clearance, long queue, parking and even walking to cruise before boarding. Really need your input. Thanks in advance 😉

  35. Read from your blog => “A major highlight of BCC, while under the ownership of Boustead Group, was the docking of one of the world’s largest and most technologically-advanced cruise ships, MS Quantum of the Seas, owned by Royal Caribbean International. It carried 4,000 passengers”

    Question : Royal Caribbean still operates and sails to/from Malaysia? Would be interesting to know as I like to sail that vessel one day. Thanks.

  36. Hi Azul,

    From 2pm to 3.30pm, passenger has sufficient time to complete the whole process from parking to walking to the building, checking in, immigration clearing and boarding the ship. Enjoy your cruise!

  37. Hi Sheena,

    Royal Caribbean cruise ships such as Mariner of the Seas, Ovation of the Seas and Quantum of the Seas do dock at BCC terminal. However, passengers have to join the cruise from Singapore.

  38. We need to park our 2 cars tomorrow 11/418 till 15/8/18
    My check in time start tomorrow 6pm
    Do I need to get prior approval to park my car there?

  39. Hi Lau Leh King,
    No prior approval is required. Just pay the overnight parking fee upon entry at the guardhouse and proceed to the open parking area.

  40. Is there any internet connection or wifi on board? If no, advise me of any packages available. Thanks

  41. Hi Emily,

    Our cruise depart from BCC terminal for 5D4N but discharge at Penang. If we park our car at BCC but only return to take our car after we back from Penang(maybe 2 to 3 days after the cruise tour). Is it allow?Will the parking fee still charge at RM10 per entry?

  42. Hi Emily,

    We will depart from BCC terminal to Penang terminal via bus and discharge at BCC terminal after 4 day. Can we park our car at BCC terminal and the charges it is RM 10/ entry. 4D3N

  43. Hi Emily, I going travel Superstar Gemini on this sunday 11/11/2018. Need your advise can we online self-check in?What kind of items cant bring onboard?(liquid,etc…).What is the weight for luggage we can onboard?

  44. Hi Joe,

    I am afraid for these questions, it is best to ask your travel agent. I can only assist with enquiries related to the terminal itself.

  45. Hi Emily, parking rate is RM10 per entry. Does it contains any charges like overnight parking rate?

  46. 1. Is the mobile networks available on the cruise (Star Cruise- Gemini)?
    2. What currency are using on the cruise?
    3. We are lacto-ovo-vegetarian (eggs and dairy are acceptable) and is there any arrangement on the meals?
    4. Is the car-parking available at the port? How much is the car-park and where is the place to gather to get on board?

  47. Hi Shirly,

    As mentioned above, any questions related to your cruise, check with your travel agency.

    With regards to parking, many travellers have posed the same question. Kindly read through.

  48. Hi,

    if my family just drop me at there , will charge parking fees ?
    and i saw from map, got guard at there…if my family come to bring me go back, any document need to show to guard for come in bring me ?

  49. Hi Hui Ling,

    Your questions have already been addressed in an earlier comment.

    Pick up /drop off is allowed without parking fee imposed. No document is necessary.

  50. Can anyone please advise the transportation from cruise terminal to Kuala Lumpur? I know there is a train running to Kuala Lumpur, but how to get to the train station from the cruise termial, such as any shuttle bus service? If taxi is the only option, how much it would cost to the Pelabuhan Klang train station? If I decide to hire a taxi to Kuala Lumpur for about 6 hours, what would be the cost? thank you!

  51. 1) are there road signs to the car park?

    2) is it safe to park at the car park for the duration of the cruise?

  52. Hi, just checking, according to Star Cruise, the parking is Rm20 per day not per entry. Please confirm, thank you

  53. Tomorrow I am going for 4D3N Star Gemini, i called up the terminal and one officer told me management had change and now is RM35/- per night. which is true? RM20/- per entry still available?

  54. Hello Teoh Lorna,

    Apologies for delayed reply. Hotels that are near Boustead Cruise Terminal and their approximate distances are:

    Crystal Crowne Hotel Harbour View (8.8 km)
    OYO 616 Bayu View Hotel (11 km)
    Dream Hotel (12 km)
    Premiere Hotel (12 km)
    GM City Hotel (12 km)
    Hotel 99 Botanik Klang (13 km)
    Ezi Hotel (13 km)
    Goldcourse Hotel (14 km)
    Family Hotel (14 km)
    Aliya Hotel (14 km)

  55. Dear Emily, can pls advise if it’s easy to get Grab cars at the Port, if not, how much are we expected to pay for taxi to Sunway Velocity Mall?

    Many thanks!

  56. Hi Mm,

    It’s open air car park. Parking fee is RM20 per entry. Drop off is RM1 per entry.

    I would appreciate that travellers who have used BCC recently help to update the information here for the knowledge of future cruise travellers.

  57. I am going on a cruise this March and i just want to check where can i park my motorbike? Is there any designated motorbike parking bays and how much is the parking fee?

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