Big Apple Ipoh No More Free Wi-fi

Last evening, I went to Big Apple Donuts & Coffee in Kinta City Ipoh as I wanted to “steal” their wi-fi internet connection. I sometimes do that even though I could also connect to the internet via Celcom 3G on my phone but my iPhone 2G could only connect via wi-fi.

To my surprise, I was asked for password to connect to Big Apple’s connection. Too bad I did not have it as I didn’t dine at Big Apple. In fact, I do not see what’s so special about their dough nut with various flavours and colours. The colouring even makes the dough nut soggy.

So no photo of Big Apple Ipoh for being so bad and not give non customers free use of their internet connection but here’s a picture of three birds that I saw hanging from the ceiling of this food court in Kinta City where Big Apple Ipoh is located.With love

5 thoughts on “Big Apple Ipoh No More Free Wi-fi

  1. Their donuts are overrated. The only thing I can assume as to why it got more responses than they should over here, is because they are sheeple.

  2. Hahaha I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote this post that I typed donut as “dough nut”. LOL I only realized my typo now.

  3. Hmmm donuts are not good for health so stop eating them. Hahaha aside from that, what else is good for health? Seems all the fast food industry does is make you full and satisfy your hunger and not much else. No essence and they don’t care if you suffer a coronary right there in the queue to buy your Big Mac or what have you … hahahaha.

  4. I totally agree, that’s why I hardly take fast food. I never even tasted McD until a friend bought a McD burger for me. Jakun, huh?

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