Beijing Destinations

Beijing destinations
1. Tiananmen Square

Beijing is a huge city, with 16 million residents and 10 million daily commuters to the metropolis. At 26 million, the city itself is larger and more populated than many other countries in the world! By comparison, Ipoh has a population of approximately 700,000 people, while Malaysia has 30 million only.

Beijing destinations
2. Summer Palace

Beijing destinations
3. Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest)

The land area is also wide and a week-long visit to Beijing is definitely insufficient to really get to know the megacity and her people.

Beijing destinations
4. The Place

Beijing destinations
5. Niujie Mosque built in 995

In this post, I have compiled a few places of interest in Beijing that I have visited, and I think everyone who goes to Beijing should do likewise. As I was travelling with a large group, we were not allowed enough time to explore. A lot of time is needed to walk around these places as they cover a vast area.

Beijing destinations
6. Olympic Games Panda House

Beijing destinations
7. Silk Street

As for Silk Street, time and energy are required to bargain the best prices!

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