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Beauty Masterclass by The Face Shop

1. Beauty Masterclass by The Face Shop
1. Beauty Masterclass by The Face Shop

It’s pretty uncommon that I would attend a beauty workshop but when the opportunity was presented to me, I grabbed it. After all, this was organised for the first time in Ipoh by WEVents, and supported by The Face Shop.

2. face cleansing demo
2. face cleansing demo

WEVents is a non-profit setup that runs social and fun events on grooming for working women and has been conducting such workshops in Kuala Lumpur for the past seven years.

3. makeup demo
3. makeup demo

As a makeup noob, I felt that it was a good chance to learn. And I did learn how to put on makeup in just twenty minutes, although I won’t guarantee the final result!

4. our toys
4. our toys

I’ll just write down the full steps on makeup here, so that I can refer to it when I need to apply full makeup. Usually, I just pay a professional to do the deed. hahahah!

5. it's hands-on time
5. it’s hands-on time

Clean the face
– if wearing makeup, use makeup remover wipes
– toner, serum and moisturiser

Start makeup
1) concealer
2) CC cream
3) loose powder to set makeup (optional)
4) eye shadow
– light colour on the whole eyelid
– darker colour near eyelid
– add glitter at the centre of eyelid

5) liquid eyeliner to draw along lash line
6) add darker eye shadow on top of eyeliner
7) curl eyelashes with a curler
8) apply mascara – comb from bottom up for upper lashes and only use the tip of smaller mascara brush on lower lashes
9) draw in the eyebrows – choose the same colour as hair
10) apply blusher on cheekbones
11) draw lips with lip liner
12) apply lipstick

And we are done!

6. Pui San gets a helping hand
6. Pui San gets a helping hand

But the real art in makeup is not in merely knowing the steps. It is in matching the colours and then blend them onto the face, according to features as well as occasion. Otherwise, we end up looking like a vampire, or worse, a clown.

7. (from left) five best looks with their prizes
7. (from left) five best looks with their prizes

Anyway, the beauty masterclass was an awesome way to learn or for more makeup pros, to pick up new skills, in a fun environment.

8. (from right) four lucky draw winners and their gifts
8. (from right) four lucky draw winners and their gifts

Five participants of “My Face, My Look with The Face Shop” sporting the best makeup after a 20-minute hands-on session won a Miracle Finish Cushion Foundation from The Face Shop, worth over a hundred Ringgit each.

Meanwhile, a lucky draw was conducted. Four winners took home a Jeju volcanic product. Lovely, even though I had no luck. Am already looking forward to the next event in Ipoh!

Event: Beauty Masterclass by The Face Shop
Venue: Mustard Sandwich House, Ipoh
Date: 14th Oct, 2017
Time: 3pm

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13 thoughts on “Beauty Masterclass by The Face Shop

  1. It looks like a great beauty master class for every girl out there. I will definitely share and recommend this to my friend who wants to learn how to apply right makeup.

  2. Wow, wish i could be in one like this. Need to really learn to wear makeup, so terrible at it.

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