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Balinese Body Massage @ Palm Spa, Palm Garden Hotel

Palm Spa
Palm Spa @ Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort City – Reinventing Beauty & Wellness

Travelling can be tiring. I have friends who tell me they need to take holidays to recover from their holidays. Hah! Does it make sense? I make about two trips out of Ipoh a month and with a tight schedule to meet, these trips can be rather strenuous.

Palm Spa
just the right ambiance

I never had the luxury of a full body massage while on a trip but managed to squeeze in one when I was at Palm Garden Hotel IOI Resort City during my 3D/2N stay last week. My Balinese full body massage at the Palm Spa was one of the most relaxing, pampering, wellness session I ever took, in recent memory. I simply cannot afford to spend a full sixty minutes of doing nothing.

Palm Spa
filling up the personal questionnaire

My masseuse, Kak Yulia, an Indonesian, was most skilled in her traditional Bali (Indonesia) massage; vigorous, yet soothing, and involved deep-tissue techniques to unknot the kinks built up on my shoulders, especially on the right side. I’m a right-hander, after all. And my bag is no-joke heavy.

Palm Spa
welcoming: ginger tea & hot towel

First, I had my feet washed, and then, was asked to lie face down on the bed. Kak Yulia started working on my legs and then back, massaging section by section, using just the right pressure. I opted for ‘medium’, by the way.

Palm Spa
massage room

Then I was asked to turn around so that she could work on my hands, arms, legs again, torso and then shoulders. Mmmmmm!! I smelt like lavender from the body oil. Hehehe!!!

Palm Spa

I also had a wonderful head massage, which totally helped with my headache. Didn’t have to take Panadol to chase it away. Kak Yulia used peppermint oil on my temples and head for the massage. Totally loved it – I was in even more relaxed mood. Despite the therapeutic massage, I didn’t fall asleep, as some would!! Haha!!

Palm Spa

At the end of the massage, I was given hot towels to wipe my feet, another to wipe my face, and yet another was used on my back. It was very refreshing, to say the least.

Palm Spa
hot tub ready for my feet

To wrap up the session, I was then served ginger tea, slices of orange and a piece of cake. After fasting for about four hours prior to the massage, I was famished!

Palm Spa
and my feet are clean...

The full body massage took the tiredness out of my bones, and as I write this, I still don’t feel tired, despite having been on the road the whole day, with another three hours of travelling to go before I hit the sack.

Palm Spa
let’s start with the legs

That’s RM168++ well spent – a pampering session that everyone should indulge in once in a while. The Palm Spa welcomes walk-in customers as well, not only hotel guests. Facilities and services include outdoor swimming pools, gymnasium, treatment in private suites, sauna and relaxing lounge. With over 40 treatments and packages, from pedicure and manicure to BIODROGA Aroma Algae or Milk and Honey Wraps, there’s surely something for everyone!

Palm Spa
ginger tea again, fruits & cake to wrap up the massage session

Palm Spa
Add: 8th Floor Penthouse, Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort City, 62502 Putrajaya.
Tel: +603-89488991
Fax: +603-89431122
email: palmspa@palmgarden.com.my
website: www.palmgarden.com.my

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