Announcement: Vintage Night with Mutts & Mittens Charity Dinner

Calling all animal lovers in Ipoh. Secure your tickets as soon as possible to the Vintage Night with Mutts & Mittens, a charity dinner to raise funds to help stray animals who are injured or hungry.

Mutts & Mittens is a non-profit animal welfare group based in Ipoh. As we all know, animal rescue and welfare take up plenty of resources, especially cash.


Therefore, for those of us who wish to assist but do not have the time to get hands-on, supporting a charity dinner is the best solution. Besides helping a good cause, we get to enjoy delicious food and great stage performances.

Get your family and friends to support this Vintage Night with Mutts & Mittens Charity Dinner. One person may not be able to do much but collective effort certainly goes a long way.

To purchase these tickets, contact +60146248070 (CK) or +60149443806 (Joelle). You may also log on to the Mutts & Mittens Facebook Page for the latest updates.

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