Announcement: Sharpened Word – Cultural Diversity in Malaysia Literature (April 2017)

This month’s literary meetup, Sharpened Word, will see a panel of four distinct and diverse speakers: Elly Fazaniza , Malim Ghozali PK, Peggy Tan Pek Tao and Paul Gana Selvam.

Sharpened Word panellists for April 2017

Elly is a journalist with a national newspaper, covering both local and international news, with a focus on human interest and investigative reporting. She is a self-published sci-fi author; Almost Human: The Rebellion (2015).

A bilingual writer, Haji Mohamed Ghozali, retired early from public service to pursue a career in writing and research. This award-winning writer’s talents are varied; his writings range from poems to anthologies, non-fiction and academic works.

A part-time lecturer at Sentral College, Peggy Tan‘s great passion is teaching. Combining with her other interest, writing, she has penned journal articles and books on language teaching and drama techniques.

Paul Gana Selvam is the author of a short story collection, Latha’s Christmas & Other Stories (2013). He currently lectures at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman in Kampar, Perak.

With the theme “Cultural Diversity in Malaysia Literature”, this is one Sharpened Word session that is not to be missed. Just to refresh your memory, Sharpened Word is hosted every third Saturday of the month.

Sharpened Word has always been about the celebration of literary arts through a community event where writers can connect with their readers. If you are trying to cultivate the love for books in your children, you ought to make reading a way of life and participating in Sharpened Word is a positive start.

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Entrance is by donation.

Event: Sharpened Word: Cultural Diversity in Malaysia Literature (April 2017)
Venue: Old Andersonians’ Club
Add: 932, Jalan Hospital, Ipoh.
Date: 15th April, 2017
Time: 2pm – 5pm

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  1. This looks fun! I’m a Filipina who lives in Canada but seeing events like these make me want to go visit Malaysia 🙂

  2. They are talented people. I wish I could come but I am in Philippines. Goodluck to the event and I know it’ll be a success

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