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Announcement: Hospice Run 2018

The Perak Palliative Care Society (PPCS) is organising Hospice Run 2018 in conjunction with World Hospice and Palliative Care Day observed on 13th October annually. The global theme this year is “Palliative Care – Because I Matter”.

PPCS is a non-profit NGO that provides free palliative care services to patients with life threatening illness, irrespective of age, race or religion. Read my post on PPCS HERE or check PPCS official Facebook Page.

poster: Hospice Run 2018
poster: Hospice Run 2018

The primary objective of Hospice Run is to increase awareness among the public regarding palliative care, as well as to promote a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, along the 5km route are information booths. Free medical check-ups are also provided to runners.

The starting point and finishing line are both at Polo Ground (Sultan Abdul Aziz Recreation Park).

Registration to this charity fun run is now open. All are welcome. Entry fee is RM53 per participant but early bird discount is available until 16th August.

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8 thoughts on “Announcement: Hospice Run 2018

  1. It is always good to do something for the charity right especially those who are in great need. To double it up, you can exercise while doing your part for the needy. Awesome 😀

  2. Thank you Emily for making this announcement to you blog readers. The registration fee mainly goes to organising the event. If any of your readers want to donate towards patient care, they may do so seperately. Thank you again

  3. Thank you En Ziaudin Ahamed bin Abdul Kareem for the clarification on the registration fee. Yes, I hope to make a small donation at the Society office before then.

  4. This is an awesome initiative program. You got to help the patient and make ourselves stay fit.

  5. Dear Flin,

    Dato’ Dr. Ziaudin Ahamed Bin Abdul Kareem is the Medical Director of Perak Palliative Care Society (PPCS).

  6. Good effort of them doing this kind of launch for palliative care patients! Hopefully everyone can do something in return (by joining this run) to help them =)

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