Announcement: 5th Universal Medicine Buddha Mantra-Puja

At the Enlightened Heart Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Tambun, a Universal Medicine Buddha Mantra-Puja will be held this October 18, for the fifth year.

Since there is more time for the temple committee to prepare, this year’s mantra-puja is expected to be better and bigger, drawing a larger crowd of devotees as well.

Additionally, the ritual will be more elaborate, incorporating the carrying of Buddhist idols on the devotees’ backs to eradicate bad karma.

Universal Medicine Buddha Mantra Puja
file pic: sunning the gigantic Medicine Buddha thangka

Listed below is the programme* for the fifth Universal Medicine Buddha Mantra-Puja at Enlightened Heart Tibetan Buddhist Temple.

Date: 18th October, 2017 (Deepavali)
10am – Lighting of oil lamps, mantra & puja + enhancing luck for devotees
11.30am – Sunning of Medicinal Buddha thangka
12 noon – Complimentary vegetarian lunch will be served
1pm – Liberation of lives – release birds, fish, etc.

For the inaugural Universal Medicine Buddha Mantra-Puja, read this post.

In conjunction with this auspicious event, a “thousand people dinner” is being organised. For further information, contact the temple’s deputy abbot Michael Sum at 016-2202692.

*All are welcome. For non-Muslims only.

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  1. Wow this seems very interesting. Especially the activity of releasing birds, fish and such. Hope to be apart of this as i also celebrate deepavali and do believe in Buddhism.

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